Monday, February 2, 2009

Principles and Ethics

Everyone's got 'em.  Ethics help us decide what is right and what is wrong.  Principles are formed when we later review our ethics, and determine if they were indeed, the right choice in retrospect.  

I've studied ethical behaviour.  Just a fly on the wall, observing from afar.   At times, the overlords would swat, telling me to go do something, or be somewhere else.  I obliged.  I didn't want to get stomped on or anything - I was fearful.  Mostly I was fearful that I may lose my job.  I did like that job at times - mostly the people around me.  But after mindlessly obliging for a period of time, I kept observing and observing, finally noticing a true corruptness be created - greed.   They kept pulling and pulling on me to devise a set of lies that led to the profitable venture for an enterprise - that was purely built on lies.  This, along with my activities, were purely theoretical electromagnetics - but if we showed we could do it a little - imagine the spectacular speculation!  

I got sick shortly thereafter.  Very sick.  I spent a week soaking in a tub to hold back the vomit.  Literallly.  Food tasted bad, I couldn't keep anything down - even water - I lost patches of hair - I was literally withering away to nothing - I was sick.  

Figuratively, my sickness happened at the aforementioned job months before my actual sickness.  My wonderful thoughts strayed to, why is this happening - what are they doing, is this right?  Is this wrong?  Is this right, is this sinister?  Is this right or is this left?  I don't know which way to go!!! I finally was pushed to the edge when they decided to ignore my melting pot - the environment.   A batch of oil went off into the forest - if a forest falls in the woods - does anyone really hear it?  Unfortunately, I did.  In a figurative sense, the tree fell on me.  

I left that job for a period - sick of what I saw and what I did.  I gave up on my dream job to richness and wealth.  At that point, I had to start my own.  My own path with my own definitions.  My ethics and principles may be different from yours, but I know we're both right, on some level.  


  1. The summary in your profile's "About Me" reminded me of a discussion I had on a Forum several years ago ...

    Someone enquired as to what a dalek was, and then someone else replied that daleks were just tacky low-budget robots made out of cardboard.

    Well, this seemed to me like a bit of an insult! So it was lucky that I was sufficiently inspired to point out in response, that humans shouldn't get too uppity about such things - seeing as they were little more than wobbly bags of lukewarm soup themselves.

    Still, nowadays I just say I'm a transient multicellular organism.

    Anyway, your blog looks rather promising as a source of stimulating reading! So I will have a closer look in the next few days, and try commenting about your posts rather than about your profile :)

  2. theoretical electromagnetics as in scalar electromagnetic longitudinal?
    Ethics, Principals, no not everyone has them!

  3. Two more red pills to swallow - so how deep does the rabbit hole go?

    OBD - chemistry fascinates me! A friend always reminds me that we are just made up of stardust - the rest is chemistry and thermodynamics. Thanks for your support and I'm eager to discover more of daleks...

    TD - Quantum physics scares me! The amount of info on zero point energy and scalar physics will require me to either study this full time for the next 15 years, or hang out with Micheal Phelps a little more often... I do like to read up on it's theories though...
    I still think everyone that has a functioning human brain can determine ethics and principles, but maybe not everyone has properly functioning human brain...