Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wireless Wavelengths

Injecting Synapses
It was at about this time last year, I felt a twinge in the base of my neck, piercing enough to shatter an eyebrow, and concerning enough to leave the imprint of numbness in the back of my skull. Through obvious concern from the lingering effects which lasted several weeks and melted swelling effects from eardrum to eardrum, I visited a medical practitioner. The sage wisdom and dime-store advice the good practitioner provided did nothing to ease the painful swelling - but it did bring new perspective into how delicate my cranial fluid columns were susceptible to disrupting effects - the wavelengths of my brain were 'out-of-whack' - so to speak...
As I mentioned, the pain subsided shortly thereafter, and with a scar of a lost patch of hair as a reminder, I could feel the bouncing waves of stress-free matter beaming back and forth within the confines of synaptic caverns, peaking signal after signal in free, unabated form - my headache had gone away. In my retrospected viewpoint, I attributed the signal fade of free formed brainwaves to stress - the concentrated process of focusing one aspect and area of the brain for long durations of time - stress seemed to infiltrate my guards of protection and penetrated my concentration into one singular point of entity - I had been stressed about my job...
If it hadn't been for a couple month hiatus from employment, a renewed sense of purpose and a better understanding of money making endeavours, I'm sure a relapsing synaptic effect would have sure knocked on my cranial column by now... Anyways, the purpose of the point I plan to propose is one of obviousness - that our brains and minds are a fragile conglomeration of matter, and if ethereal matters such as one's employment could cause concern for chaotic shutdown, what could real matters such as wireless wavelengths bring to the concentrated pools of spinal fluid traps and triggers of the mind?
Ανθρώπινη ενέργεια Δοκοί
Electroencephalography consists of the monitoring and collection of electrical signal activity from neuritic signals generated in the brain. Through the use of EEG, an individuals 'pontificate personality profile' can be generated - signaling the sines of logic - predicting the paths of a person's primitive behaviour through the delta, theta and alpha wavelengths of wiretaps. Delta waves correspond to 4 Hz, and are known to signal a resting period, or a period of slow activity. Theta waves up the ante, and correspond from between 4-7 Hz of frequency, and typically occur when states of drowsiness or early morning grouchinesses are experienced. Alpha waves live in a semi-conscious state of between 8-12 cycles per second and are usually precursors or respites from the high-pitched noises of our lives. During active periods in modern routines, we are defined to be living in the region of Gamma and Beta wavelengths, broadcasting harmonics to the tunes of daily living and motorizing functions from between 30-100 Hz.
Our brains beam these blasting arrays of impulses to and from the central nervous system's roots. The balance of our wavelengths can be defined by which frequencies we resonate - and can even define our pre-disposed determination in intro and extro vertedness. Intro's typically living in higher 'baseline' states of arousal, and extro's - in lower states of arousal. The outcome and statistically referenced data validate this by recording EEG's of introverts and extroverts, and indicate that introverts generally possess increased levels of brain activity, and predominantly so in frontal lobe areas - which allows them to feel energized when recalling long-term memories, problem solving, complex reading and thinking and planning, along with the underrated hobby of introspection. The data also indicate increased activity in an extroverted analysis, however the increase in activity is limited to processing sensory data - it is interpreted that the extrovert seek action and external stimuli in an attempt to increase brain activity to its full potential. In essence, the extrovert possesses less internal energy, therefore seeks external stimulation to make up for it...
Syncing Subsonic Sequence
The Monroe Institute was founded in the early 1970's, and introduced a mandate to explore human consciousness. One of the outcomes from this exploration, was the concept of brainwave entrainment, or Hemi-Sync, as the Monroe Institute so aptly named. The concept involves the generation of binaural beats - created when two frequencies are generated in close proximity to each other - what happens is a close 'blending' of sounds, in which the overlapping lag of waves generates a beat frequency. For example, if a 505 Hz sound is blended with one at 495 Hz sound, a binaural beat of 10 Hz results, and when introduced into the human brain, is used to enter the Alpha wave region mentioned above, and induce a meditative calm to the human brain... In essence, Hemi-Sync artificially induces a calm state of mind, and relaxes the input/output processors from external stimuli.
Gold and Rainbows
The study of the brain is relatively anew, as the layers upon layers of complexities and unknowns only propagate increased activity and complexities and layers - a pandora's effect of imagination. The principles of nano-nucleic study requires an infinite map of matrices to plot and discover. Yet as we continue to thrive and develop the wireless beams of polluted noises, it is becoming increasingly obvious: we have begun to 'unplug' our sensing and communicating devices, and are evolving into technological merits which mirror the extra-sensorical viewpoints of ESP - we've begun to transmit energy in wireless formats.
Now the technology is novel - and somewhat long overdue after Tesla plotted the path - which involves mutual induction, or the generation of a magnetic field in which a secondary device is mutually induced into the originator's energy beams. The use of this technology is limited to orbs of electromagnetic radiation, however the principles of focusing these beams into concentrated streams of energy, or 'Death Stars' are still prevailing amongst enthusiasts. But for the purpose of household usages, miniature 'orbs' of energy are being marketed for personal pleasure, as the waves of consumerism will beam golden rainbows to the broadcasters of the technology. However, a question which may arise can equally be tied to the one posed earlier: what impact could electromagnetic radiated forces of energy pose to the mimicking nature of our internal organic orbs? The impact of a magnetic field being generated in living spaces while droning its silent wavelengths into the precipices of our memories is a little concerning - it reminisces rippling tidal forces from past warnings of lead paint, cancerous impacts from first generation cell phones, bisphenyl-A and thalidomide...
ISO 9001
Occasionally I still do wake up with headaches - I mostly attribute them to changes in atmospheric pressure and allergic reactions to my arch nemesis - grass... But as I've already uplugged my computer from the hub of wall jacks to live in a comfortable, care-free wireless world, I wonder how many of these unseen freqencies are bouncing around my city in 'hotspots' and wire-free wonderlands... As time passes I can see 'wireless' battery charging provide a surge in the next great race to consumerism - they'll be on the shelves by Christmas '09... But as wavelengths continue to introduce increased beams of invisible magic into our homes, noise pollution is becoming increasingly evident as battle grounds for free space and time wage invisible wars. We're continually attempting to evolve technology into convenient, cord-free consumerables, and more often than not, life-cycles aren't determined in the lab. What we encounter time and time again in the quality control of consumerism is the bombardment of products we rush to find a cure for 25 years later...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mirroring Messaging

I'm living in a city of idiots. Numskulls, cretins and degenerates...

Trickled Pricks
I read the news - it's a daily activity programmed by routine that allows a trickle in my receptors to activate a response sequence. It's often a strange one - as normally, my response sequences are only manifested after action-reward pathways - but some times - I read the news to torture myself. I must first admit checking international news and dailies is a fun alternative to daily droning, but as home-grown as it gets, I can't get enough of what's happening in my neck of the woods, my corner of the lot, my plot on the lease, my stool in the bowl. Or perhaps in this case, I should say stools in the bowel.

Connotated Cratering
A little bit of background information before I begin, as you can choose to close this window off, should your interest close quickly like the mind of many who disagree... I'm a believer in the effects of Global Warming (although not a believer in it's 'scary' connotations). It took me awhile to convince myself, but as I studied how states of matter changes from solid to oxidised gaseous ones - I quickly realized - wow - it does happen - all from the organic molecule - the molecule of life itself. Organic molecules usually consist of a Carbon, an Oxygen, and a Hydrogen - sometimes Nitrogen and Sulphur are mixed in there. When an organic molecule is exposed to air, or oxygen, it oxidizes, breaking the tiniest bond with brethren, and forming a new structure of order. The organic molecule decomposes - continually being bombarded by oxygen and outside energy sources, the organic molecule turns into stardust - Products Of Combustion --- CO2 and H2O, carbon dioxide and water. Of these two stardusted materials, one possesses sublimated abilities to reverse itself, evident in water's curious triple point, and condense into clouds and life-giving sustenance from gravity and absence. The other, CO2, remains billowing in the atmosphere, slowly leaching it's way into the water cycle, ever so gently waiting the opportunity to soak up the sun, ebbing and flowing into the veins and branches of another life form, back into earth.

Petroleated Pathways
The path for CO2 to ebb and flow into trees is a slow one, and one immediately concentrated to locations where trees are present. As we currently stand, we are transforming lush areas into areas where trees no longer stand, and our ability to recycle, reduce and reuse our CO2 is being left out in the curb.

So as organic molecules churn chemical equations and reaction kinetics into combustible energy and petroleated function - we've created a surplus. I balanced these numbers back in bouncing bunny days, but it works out that we're generating a surplus of oxygenated organic molecules in our airs. You see, CO2 doesn't reverse-sublimate, or condense like it's fellow POC, water. It stays billowing until it ebbs and flows. And if we cut off it's vein to the ebb, the flow is disrupted and stays as an eternal piece of our puzzle.

The final strati graphed datum point, is our sun. The sun beats down on us with an ever-lasting beam of gentleness. Our skins have adapted to soak or shade, based on our proximities to it geographically - as minute degrees of latitude bring more radiative solar forces. The light energy rides this magical wave of radiation that soaks into any real, identifiable piece of matter - the sun doesn't discriminate between gas-liquid-solid like we do - it simply exists to supply everything around it with all the energy to live - it is most definitely a key ingredient to the complex organic molecule. The sun will attach it's spectrum of light on any particle floating in the atmospheres - in doing so, it will also heat up any evolved particle of oxygenated carbon. The more carbon present - the more energy soaked - the more carbon present - the more the globe continues to heat in peculiar locations.

The most peculiar item that petroleated combustible products generate in their fabrication, is a localized spurt of energy in heat - the magic of the internal combustible engine, home furnace or BIC lighter. All these combustion reactions generate this little burst of solar magnificence - fire. As fire occur, a bridge is gapped between real and ethereal - mystical and forceful - structured and chaos - heat is generated. Now the thing about matter and energy, as thermodynamics explains - is that it is neither created nor destroyed - balanced nor unbalanced - it simply exists. Matter and energy can be transformed, but as heat exists - it cannot escape our atmosphere - it is bound and trapped by the tropospherical lock from our spinning magnet - heat is normally recycled in the delicate balance of dark and light, polar to radial, green to blue.... But as we continue to pump and pay, we emit and heat. We heat the immediate areas around us simply by driving - we, by definition, globally warm things by breathing.... we cannot be prevented from doing this....

Message Mirrored
As bowels imitate bowls, and contain the filth of our digested remains of organic materials, pressure builds to the point of shit storms. What I've read in my local news is that my community refuses to acknowledge a daily routine - the daily routine of pumping microwatt after nanojoule of minute trickles of energy into an increasingly reflective heat blanket. That we do this, day in and day out, we don't acknowledge that our overpopulation, consumerism and expansion is globally warming our surroundings. We exist as these heat pumps, circulating blood and oxygen, releasing kJ after kW of irreversible heat - and we refuse to acknowledge it. The scary part of global warming shouldn't be its consequence, its connotations of fear mongering, or its ability to get a book published - the scary part is the lack of acknowledgement. In my sink in the stool, or whatever connotation it is, people don't get it - an article published in my paper today was commented by our majority - our majority of numskulls - our majority of blind cynics who refuse to question a thought, and who cry wolf of Eco-terrorism and fear-mongering hippies, and whose hypocritical views are quenched by the drip drop of oil in their full bellied buckets carving roast after roast on the spittles of consumerism. What bothers me most, is the hype and games of hide and seek the media in my neighbourhood plays to quell the masses from music - activism in a world of watchdogs and witchhunts is limited to the confined space in the corner - freedoms of speech are easily edited by editors in charge - and so the news of today and tommorow is being spoonfed to the innocent...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Propagating Propaganda

When my knees were skinned, nose was runny and grasshoppers bounded as high as my eyelids - the world and it's grass and green growth was such a fantastic place of smells and wonder - the wind never seemed to catch it's cool breeze, and the radiative forces of the sun could never deter the cells of my skin from sore-ing - there was too much to see and do in the trails of forests, paths of creeks and wisps of wind... Yet as I aged through the pre-programmed dictation of my mitochondrial nature, things began to become meaningful and understood - an innocence lost found it's way through textbooks. 

Nursery Rhymes
During the days of shoeless gravel walks and disregard of any preoccupation for knowledge - my instinctual habits of exploration and curiosity were always bombarded with 'life-lessons'.  Some of these life lessons were learned on my own, but many others, were inferred, assured, preached and prodded into me - some of the more puzzling crypts involved nursery-like proverbs intended to guide a young one's perceptions of life - What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander.  Now, it took me some time as a youngster to determine what exactly a gander was, and honestly as the twinkle of curiosity tweaked a brain cell - I did need a little 'splainin on its inner meaning - but the life lesson learned out of this proverb provided a look into an equally divided world of yes and no - ganders and gooses being of equal share.  

As the Autumns passed by and leaves continually lost their colour year after year, the spectrum of complexities reared its uglyness as it transplanted into my head - things changed - that innocence of yes and no turned to contempt of right and wrong...  the world of words and messages, texts and rituals, rights and passages filled the bookcase in my cortex - and as the world posted messages on the billboard ads of life, what's good for the goose didn't really mean it was good for the gander... 

Sublimation occurs when matter 'skips' a step, so to speak... It is enhanced as the pressure of the earth's atmosphere decreases, or as conditions approach near-vacuum like states.  In essence, a 'void' is created in the prescribed notions of 'Earth' life as matter loosens the molecular bonds in an escape towards chaos... As the molecules of a solid mass loosen, they typically become 'bendable', taking the shape of any mold and flowing towards the path that gravity dictates, but as 'normal atmospheric' pressure decreases, or things become closer to a state of 'emptyness', the bonds stretch, pushing past the bendable liquid states transcribed by chemistry - and into the airs and space as a gas, essentially skipping the step of becoming a liquid...  

The sublimation of elements and compounds ignores the rules of shapes in the gas-liquid-solid realm, and lives in a mysterious, cloudy world.  Gooses and ganders, in the state of subliminally structured words, enter a state of perplexing complexities, as if 'skipping a step' in logic dictation - the truth behind the words states that geese and ganders live in equality, but as the goose begets the gander, the message can also infer that geese choose for the ganders, ganders are subservient to the geese, and that this nursery-like proverb needs to fly off in the winds with the flocks... the proverb may be full of sublimated messages...

Tensile Intentions
One life lesson I once never understood, was why people had to work... It seemed like this task and chore had no end, no real meaning - the steps were simple, go to school, get a job, get a home... yet riddled along the way were the concepts of wealth and expansion, lessons passed down from our pioneering forefathers.   The propagating method of these lessons were widespread, as the three simple steps involved ever increasing layers of subtleties and hurdles - electronics, clothing, internally combustible engines became labels of wealth and ego - all underlining the mass accumulation of wealth as the primary driver behind the wheel.  The campaign to propagate wealth's accumulation to singular points of entity was widespread as I grew ever increasingly cautious of best intentions paving their way hell... 

In November 1939, The Times of London published a 3-piece article by John Maynard Keynes, a renown British economist.  The article comments that increased spending during World War I resulted in an inflationary boost to products, which impacted lower-to-middle class labour... Keynes intentions calculated a nation's resource production, summed the difference of imports to exports, balanced the requirement of in-house maintenance, stashed some away for militaristic inventions - and anything left over at the end of the day would go be spread out amongst the people.  The result was a key ingredient to balance an economy and ultimately 'Pay for a War'.  Lower to middle class would be greater protected from recessions through taxation and compulsory savings, while the progress and growth could be tracked and monitored as if the stock ticker were invented at this very moment - the GDP emerged from the pages of the newsprint to usher a new era of industrial endeavours - international trade suddenly felt two cojones drop from its groin...

Expanding Viewpoints
Since the true advent of growth progress indicator, war continues to be a staple of progress in the history books being penned.  The GDP provides the perfect measure to ensure defense spending has a home in protecting us from our far neighbours across the seas.  We approach our acceptance of this through the mentality, or propagation, that at some point in time, we will be attacked... It seems to be this innate sense that if we don't watch our backs, we're vulnerable.  

I've often wondered what reactions are truly innate, and which are extrinsic - what 'life-lessons' are real, and which have been sublimated into day-to-day life.  I wonder how much would change if we changed what we read, eat and drink - what messages we choose to ignore - and what consequences we find from our causes...  We're continually expanding our knowledge of our steps - finding more and more sinkholes in the previously paved lot - but as Springs continue to pass, extrinsic ideals loosen, pushing off into the atmosphere, completing its sublimated path - and as the pressure subsides from the vacuum of sublimated ideals, equilibrium is restored with an alternated viewpoint.