Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Circle of Fifths

As I hopped onto the rabbit trail some many Easters ago, I turned my back on the hidden eggs my parents so benevolently hid from me.  It wasn't as though I was unappreciative of my parents' kind nature of crediting a mythical bunny for their generosity, but I had the fortunate encounter with a rabbit hole big enough to fit my imagination - I no longer found significance in the coloured rabbit eggs hiding in the shrub - I'd always get too distracted by the bees buzzing around the berries that were growing on the shrub.  

Chromatic Scaling
So as plums plopped and carrots karyo-typed their message, my rabbit trail ended at a bus stop.  At this bus stop, a Ticketmaster tore of a taped ticket for the ten o'clock boarding to the University of Bunny Concern, or UBC for short.  At UBC, this bunny was concerned with the make-up of karyotypes' make-ups - but it was a surreal struggle for this bunny, as if the transformative processes of metamorphosis that the bunny was studying infiltrated it's karyo-types and the carrots the bunny once craved were no longer edible.  The evolutionaric metamorpholic contraband that poisoned the bunny was perhaps too self inflicted by the bunny beer busts and bunny burger buffets, but the bunny also began the Universal Bible of Carrot Caution - or UBCC for short.  This thesis in bunny boundary definition allow the pain of metamorphosis to be eased by morphic tendencies - cautioning the bunny to beware of carrots Babeling universical tales of evolutionaric mistrust.  But anyways, the entirety of the time spent at UBC was not just about UBCC, but more diving into the depths of rabbit holes and infinite numbers. 

Pitch Class
There, at UBC, the imagination took on a new defined format - mathematics.  The differential formulations defined by the imagination of math told ordinary tales of balance and algebraic braille, but as the UBCC thesis popped it's head out of the rabbit hole, math morphed into differential formulas defined by imaginary numbers predicting ordinate and in-ordinate tales of chaos and limitless life.   What the struggle that this bunny found, was that the world of imagination in math only tried to define boundary-value solutions to boundless problems, the world of bunny rabbits is full of boundfull bruises and problems.  What really threw a loop in the boundless birth of the UBCC was the radially emitted boundaries of circles, or spheres - the imaginative math that defines these boundaries broke open the limitless possibilities of Wonderland.  

Wonderland was a limitless boundary, defined by the shape of a sphere - as more mass is added to the sphere, the hemispherical balance of pressure and gravity pushes back out, growing the sphere in a differential logic that puzzles the mathematician.  With these growing pains, colours and light suddenly made sense, as if a circle dictated all things unknown to me - a circular path surrounding all my surroundings, falling back to a pre-set path as if all things were dictated by an innate sphere - our atoms.  

Equal Tempered Composition
Concurrently, the UBCC thesis seemed to be a collaborative one, as one dark-haired musical bunny once showed me - the circle of rabbit holes and spheres could also be explained by fifths.  One explanation I can offer is to define a circle - it has a start, it has and end, if defined by a datum point (or starting point).  A straight line on a 2-D notepad didn't define a circle, nor does red define the spectrum of light in a rainbow.  If we add more colour to spectrum, or say blue, the rainbow is not yet complete, nor is the circle complete with a secondary line added to the first, or the y-axis added to the x-axis.  Now if any of these lines should bend, a third party is added to the mix or pastels, the bend finds the path back to the beginning, and the circle can be defined - as is the yellow to the cauldron of colour, as if the 3rd ingredient blends up the recipe for existence itself.  The 3rd ingredient, or 3-D, allows things to live in the real, defined UBC.  

What the dark-haired bunny explains, in the midst of circling fifths, is that adding ingredients after 3-D explains the necessity for infinite possibilities to exist.  The dark haired bunny used musical ingredients to the colour wheel, allowing the explanation of music theory to be displayed by the mish-mash of 3-D yellow-blue-red light spectrum.  Compositions of tension, angst, peace and harmony could be made using the colour wheel as guidance, and determined that music, as with colours, as with energy, and as with all things that tripped the curiosity of bunny rabbits down holes were explained by circles.  

Enharmonic Key Signatures
With all good three-dimensional rules and laws, a fourth can always be added to the mix, creating circular bubbles to either burst, or grow serendipitously as if evolution depends on it.  We see examples of fourth laws in thermodynamics, creating the unknown, unbewildered state of entropy - in newtonian laws with the insertion of gravity into motions - and in the colour spectrum with the insertion of darkness... The fourth ingredient seems to be the secret one, allowing the rules or laws or entity to actually exist.  

In the example of spherical proportions, this bunny hopped on the wrong bus for a second - the bright colours and spinning mastery of the Circle of Fifths was too much of a distraction.  But proportionately hopping back onto the UBCC, as a 3-D ingredient is added to two sticks, we kind of get the shape of a triangle - sticking oddly with all geometric angles, heating up the Karyo-typed stew to 180 degrees.   The cooking time for Karyo-typed stew requires time and a count-up (as opposed to count-down), as the three legs of the triangle can be pushed and harmonized counting from 180 degrees twice, right up to a solidly round 360, or 12 moons by 30 suns.   No additional ingredient is necessary for the evolution of a triangle to a circle, just time and space, from 180 to 360, from 6 moons to 12 moons, from 15 suns to 30 suns, and from Karyo-typed to Pro-Karyo-types and Eu-Karyo-typed, like all things evolutionary.  

The Pythagorean Comma
As the evolutionary steps of the UBCC were finalized, UBC burst with admission requests, adding more and more bunnies to the mix.  The response was disturbing to this bunny, as the UBCC continually require more and more evolution to it's tale, as if the 4th ingredient was that of the evil eggplant, poisonous to all bunny rabbits.  But the fourth ingredient was simply a tale of evolution - adding a new balance to be sought, darkness to the colour wheel, zeroth law to chaos, gravity to all things in motion - and an evolved spherical balance of a circle.  So to add a fourth element, or shape to a circle, we dive back into the world of imaginary mathematics (imaginary to this bunny anyways).  

In the event of a fourth part to the circle, either a bubbly burst can happen (Chaos --> Balance), or the circle finds it's own balance, and the sphere grows larger, into bigger bubble.  If more and more fourth elements are added to the sphere, a cone is sustained, creating shapes of carrot-rific proportions and boundaries.  The cone, if permanently sustained, grows roots of reckless fervour, pushing cones into wormholes.  The permanent sustenance of the 4-D ingredient is one that is left to the world of imaginative math, describing tales of cold fusion in thermodynamics, perpetual motion in newtonian laws and interstellar travel through wormholes in the case of rabbit holes.   

The UBCC is a cautionary tale of circular logic and unknown tales that are yet to be discovered.  The thesis of the UBCC never ended at the UBC, evolutionary magic is pushing the thesis beyond 360 suns x moons  into deeper and deeper rabbit holes - internally until the depths of the rabbit hole finds the end...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Five Steps to Aphelion

A thought came across my mind a few days back - the career of Will Smith is one of Scient-fictious proportions - Independence Day: Alien-blasting action, Men In Black: Alien-hunting action, I-Robot: Robot-hunting action, I am Legend: Post-Apocalyptic action, and of course, Hitch: the finest piece of Science Fiction ever to grace the good shelves of the video store.  But with smadderings of other inspirational pieces (Six Degrees of Separation, Pursuit of Happiness, Seven Pounds) Will Smith went from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Gene Roddenberry of Distant Planets. It is no surprise to me that his family supports Scientology - his viewpoint on life must be a little enlightened with Asimov and Cruise whispering in his ears (it should be noted that he and his wife are supportive of all religions, and the Smith's do not subscribe to any of life's pre-scripted existences).   

One thing Asimov whispered, was the futuristic world of robotic intelligence.  In this portrayal, Smith played a circular logician at heart by the name of Spooner - who held an innate mistrust of all robots that lived amongst him.  The plot surrounded the Three Laws of Robotics (Asimov added a Zeroth Law, so as to provide similar priority to the Laws of Thermodynamics) - whereby all humanity would be taken care of by robots (insert Wall-E storyline here) - no robot would harm any human in any type of fashion.  But with this plot surrounding Three Laws, a loophole is discovered, only to find that the Three Law system has a hole looped in it - a circular logic nightmare for Artificial Intelligence - Chaos ensues and the Laws are not balanced until Entropy and Chaos are reduced to the Zeroth law, balance.    

Balancing Act
To balance the beam of energy in all things, a beginning and and end are created, and along with way, much similar to the career of the aforementioned Smith, an Existence is formed - central to the soul and nervous system - central to the core of the counter-current creases of plasmic plutonic magma mining it's way through the mantle - everything begins and ends.  Along the way, all of us roam our minds mimicking the soulful wanderer - driving pillars of thought into cortextual regions pushing us to the brink of insanity - or arguably our imaginations.  As we roam the playground of the brain, the search to look inward and outward defines the wanderer.  I realize it's difficult to lump things into two categories, but if we define a datum point, or a starting point, in a three-dimensional world, I can still go in polar-opposites - and along the way wanderers venture off into paths in all their spherical dreams, but a beginning and end do exist, along with a left and right, up and down, and inward and outward.  If we assign the human body as the datum point, or starting point, the search for Existence can be defined as inward, or outward.   The outward search creates definitions of outward, almighty powers - looking into the Heavens in search for any signs.  Stars helped the Maya, Clouds and imagination helped the Theist.  The search inward involved a more 'in'-depth analysis, magnifying the search for the soul into the tiniest molecules of perception.   The search inward is as subjective as the search outward.  Existence is subjective to all definitions.   

To look inward brings on a plethora of other varying subjective definitions - all with the intention to define our actions to predict the future of consequences. Inward looking can be defined by mindful thought, describing the complex balance of chemical and neurons chattering electrochemical signals back and forth - the inward onlooker always describes experiences with definitions of energy beams and auras - the search inwardly always brings the onlooker closer to sentience and balance beams of energy.

Electron Clouds
As the path to inward onlooking proceeds, the electron microscope can mimic Galileo's intentions to look outwardly with the telescope.  The electron microscope can be used to look inwardly, at our atomic structure. Schrödinger defined the atom in waves of energy, and proposed electron orbits is terms of energetic propulsions - rotating at various speeds based on the proximity to the nucleus. An example can be found here (click on the heavier elements to see Schrödinger's waves of electron paths). The paths were then modelled to predict the electron's consequence of orbital pathways - and created the cloud of orbits, as pictured in the model to the left.

So it is evident that all atomic structures, spin - rotating around in a fervor of mass and molecules. If we look outwardly, and seek answers in the Moon and Stars, we would follow traditions instilled by the Maya culture, dedicating our thoughts and charts to mapping the unknown outwardly. It must have perplexed the Maya to a fervor and fear with the conundrum - why do we always see the same face of the Moon?  With all of this spinning and dancing through the skies, why does the Moon remain motionless, as if locked in an ever-lasting fight with the tides of the Earth - the Moon kisses our spinning planet. Is it possible for this conglomerated mass of asteroidic proportions to be the only spin-less species in our Solar System? The answer to this Cynic is a resounding 'no'.

So how does our Moon spin? The subjective aspect to this question sends me on the trip of a lifetime, through space and time, and into the realms of Science Fiction - a topic devoid of time and reasoning, only to be inserted as a 'What-If' category on bookshelves. Through the eons of spinning around the Earth, it's partner, the Moon has balanced its asteroidic proportions to the mass of the Earth, gently floating across the planes of the ellipsoidal paths of orbitals. As molten cores rotated, mountains evolved sending frictional rotations of molecules to the point of contact, delving into the first prokaryotic balances of cell structure. As if gravity were the mixing cauldron, the prokaryotic balance splits via mitosis, one cell drawn to the Moon, one cell drawn to the Sun, and so the cycle endured, re-building to the steps of mother nature and gravity, over and over each strand of deoxyribonucleic goodness. The mitochondrial revolution was afoot - and the Moon towered graciously spinning and engraving its face to our waters - over eons of spinning - the moon finally found the perfect equation to explain gravity's magic - it rotates in proportion to our pull - it spins to match our perfectly sculpted oceans - the magic of spherical orbitals.  

[press rewind in top right corner - other spin 'sites' - here]

Farseeing Foresight
The outward search was revolutionized by Galileo Galilee as the telescope was pointed to the stars, rather than into each other's windows - and Galilee brought on a new era in outward searching, no longer reliant on mystical powers and false prophets, the stars told a tale of circular logic and eternal dances - solar orbitals.   The orbitals' dance are almost defined by gears and pulleys, as if an everlasting tension is pulled tight between the moons and planets - always following a path dictated by unseen waves of energy - balance beams of perfection.  With the perfect prom night promiscuously coming to a close, the solar system's balance is one of many.  Populating the night's sky through the telescope's treasures.  Dust, asteroids, belts, Titans, Plutos and Charons can all be found drifting aimfully - all in a circular pattern that only the kaleidoscope can mimic - repeated patterns of infinity, all the orbitals of our solar system map a cloud of balance, a cloud of electronic pulses finding a set pattern dictated by gravity - the unknown almighty.  
other solar orbits sites - here and here

Circulating Logic
Courtesy: NASA/JPL Caltech
I don't often ramble on about being and existence much, but it was quite the experiment in Will Smith's antics as six degrees only separated my random thoughts of Will Smith to Existence to Atomic Structure to the Moon's Rotation to Solar Orbitals.  But with only five degrees of separation I'm left with the though of Will Smith's Men in Black - specifically the final sequence depicted below - it reveals a small glimpse of an existence of the universe, 
where our solar system rotates in the Milky Way, which rotates with other galaxies - which rotates around a defined sphere, or a marble.  

The Sixth degree of my random thoughts involves the electron cloud mimicking the solar orbitals, as the picture of the Electron Cloud closely matches the image above of Solar Orbitals by NASA - as if the inward and outward elements of our make-up are all the same.  Inside, outside, the make-up of our atoms is universal.   As if circular logic could bind all things to the Sixth Degree just the way Perihelion always finds its way back to Aphelion.  

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Shoemaker's Dialogue

As if tripping back through time Simon said the world was black - and so the moon would set.
As if reaching for some red, Simon said the sky would fall, and Chicken Littles would be King
As if writing with a pen, Simon said the words will last, and the legacy would be read...

On Comparison
I had recently been discussing the definition of a pragmatic viewpoint and the cynical view point - the topic irked my brain into action.  By purely going by definition from any standardized dictionary of smebrlcad ltretes, the pragmatic logician ranks viewpoints on practicality, utilizing priority-driven responses to dictate the moral and human response to thought.   The pragmatic logician requires years of ethical assessment to dictate the proper response sequencing, but provided enough varied input, the pragmatic logician can easily dictate any diplomatic hostage situation.  The cynical, however, is said to question the true nature of evil and mistrust itself, the cynic chooses to doubt every word ever spoken or written thinking that selfish interest is the only consequence available to an action - the cynic does not believe in the altruistic, or the benevolent.  The cynic is sometimes mis-informed and is most definitely mis-interpreted.

On Cynicism
The Cynics, were first and foremost dedicated to the teachings of Socrates.  In the advent of the 5th Century B.C. - the Greeks were sent a gift from Zeus, Hades and Poseidon - the foresight of knowledge and understanding ethical practice - the revolution of Philosophy.  The conversations of Socrates and his closest associate, Simon the Shoemaker, were often in deep reflection from observation of the world around them.  Simon, having been quite studious in the practice of leather-stitching, grew quite contemplative as the years passed alongside Socrates - and chose to continue following the conversations, even when provided more lucrative offerings to join the King's Parade as Court Jester in the role of Political Philosopher (a modern day Political Scientist perhaps?) - Simon said no, I choose to use neither my poverty nor my trade as a pretext for not doing philosophy - said in context of freedom of speech and the role of a Court Jester's lack of it - and so the Cynics were born.  

On Pragmatic Determination
The Cynics were born from the stumblings and grumblings of a poor, soleful, shoemaker.  Simon sat at his side, using the neurons of his mind, sending brainwave after brainwave of new thought into stashes of memory banks.  Having lived his life in poverty, he saw, he undoubtedly wept, and he whisked his tongues with laces in servitude to an Empire.  He listened, he connected, he understood, he questioned, and he wrote.  He began using his pre-destined aptitude for lacing and penned arguably the greatest works of art ever lost - he wrote the words of Socrates himself.  He penned the Socratic Dialogue - or more uncharacteristically aliased as the Shoemaker's Dialogues.  

The Cynics were raised from the unworldly insanity of this man's refusal - the refusal to be rich.  Simon said at a time, words of wisdom so proficiently powerful, prose itself proliferated it's prolific prowess to Providence.  And the rich had noticed - blanketed in the deep depths of Hades, the political powers at play persuaded Aristotle himself - and were empowered with the wisdom of a philosopher reaching the people, or the political pawns.  But the true philosophers noticed that the censorship and freedoms of speech lost when philosophizing in a political framework defeated the principles of philosophy itself - even Aristotle realized this - the Cynics realized this.

The Cynics were labelled as 'speechdom' fighters - hanging onto the words of truth no matter what the cost.  Simon refused the bribes and offerings of the Empire, and instead chose to live life poor, with opportunity to take care of his sole - his hobby, Shoemaking.  In his craft, Simon wrote 33 dialogues, or writings, or essays:
  • On the Gods  
  • the Good  
  • on the Honourable
  • what the Honourable is  
  • the first Dialogue on Justice  
  • the second Dialogue on Justice
  • on Virtue  
  • showing that it is not to be taught  
  • the first Dialogue on Courage
  • the second  
  • the third  
  • on Laws
  • on the Art of Guiding the People  
  • on Honour  
  • on Poetry  
  • on Good Health  
  • on Love  
  • on Philosophy  
  • on Knowledge  
  • on Music  
  • on Poetry   
  • on what the Honourable is  
  • on Teaching  
  • on Conversation  
  • on Judgement  
  • on the Existent  
  • on Number  
  • on Diligence  
  • on Activity  
  • on Covetousness  
  • on Insolence  
  • on the Honourable  
  • Some also add to these dialogues[]

On Activism
The Cynics determined self-sustenance was the key ingredient to the soup of our dirty sole-less feet.  Simon says: "Let me become Simon the shoemaker so that I might converse with philosophers such as Socrates" - and so the Cynics did what Simon said, casting off richness and glory, all for the sake to be heard in free words - the Cynics decided that a life of self-sustenance on free thought is a life worth living - and so the Cynics followed the Shoemaker in a life of self-sustaining happiness, free from the dependence on external goods and circumstances - in a healthy mental state.   The Cynics chose to choose their Significances - as evident through the odd behaviour of Diogenes the Cynic, who would hug statues in the depths of the worst winter colds, and would be rewarded as consequence, to the indifference to cold temperatures, and would no longer need extra clothing or heating to keep warm - his brain was indifferent to temperature senses.  

In Conclusion
The Cynic reduces needs to a bare minimum.  Simon wrote the teachings lost from an existence - the existence of Socratic Dialogue, and the lost key to assimilation of politics and philosophy.  Philosophy lost the race for political prowess - all the cynical preachings of a soulful, pragmatic, Cynic.   It now 2500 years since the tales of the Cynics were first told, and philosophy is still an art lost without a Shoemaker - choosing to hang out in cobbler's markets and discussing in free contextual manner.  The political merger between philosophy died when the lost art of Simon the Shoemaker's dialogues were lost - never to be restructured again.  The Cynics were followers, dedicated to preserving the Socratic Dialogue in the hopes of better uses - but 2500 years later, the political game is still one that is wrought with religious intentions.  Philosophy has arguably evolved since the days of Simon's sayings, merging into Scientific realms stretching our i'maginations to unarguable truth - and perhaps with this better understanding of human interactions, benevolences, altruisms, regrets, faiths, justices and health a new breed of Philosophical thought may evolve - one of Pragmatic determination and Cynical sensibility that only true sentience can comprehend - a Philosophy of Life - and the mad scribblings of a few Shoemakers...as Socrates said, the shoemaker is dutiful in the "art of taking care of one's soul".

"Simon the shoemaker [...] someone who is greater in wisdom than anyone ever was or will be"- Aristippus 

"Zeno said that Crates was sitting in a shoemaker's shop and reading aloud Aristotle's Protrepticus which he had written for Themison, the Cyprian king. In it he said that no one had more advantages  for being a philosopher, for he had great wealth so that he could spend money on this activity and still have his repuatation intact. And Zeno said that while Crates was reading, the shoemaker was attentive but all the while kept on with his stitching. And Crates said, It seems to me, Philiscus, that I should write a Protrepticus for you, since I see that you have more advantages for being a philosopher than the man for whom Aristotle wrote" - Teles apud Stobaeus Anthologium

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Home Grown Juice

As the days go on and my search for a permanent job continues, I've been contemplating several different Plan 'A's right to Plan 'ZZZ' - but one thing I've found so strange, that with all my trials and tribulations for an educated degree I still cannot find employment in my home town that fits me. I think, for the most part, I've been slapped with a big fat label on my forehead - as if that $40,000 education typecast me as a 'B-movie-extra' - left to sit in the background while 'more-experienced men' (i apologize to you ladies, but come-on, it's mostly men at the top, i doubt I'd take on such a negative tone if a few ladies were in charge of corporate buffoonery - well most ladies** anyways [** ladies refers to the exclusion 'Wedding Planning' as a hobby on a curriculum vitae] but i digress) plan the structure and organization of our economic make-up. Well, as it continues, my great leaders have still not come up with any tangible plan to rescue 'our' economy - nothing. Canada has been exposed to a purplish curtain curtailing our curiosity to the point where we still somehow have a housing and banking industry floating above the complete crash - or do we? At this point in time, Canada is balancing on the edge of a cliff, moving slightly downgrade, but horizontally along the plane of the cliff - Canada has managed to balance on the edge of disaster, while never fully acknowledging we need help and we're in trouble. The sub prime mess that stirred up to the melting pot in the U.S. is a homegrown remedy of our own - we sucked in the spoonfuls of rotten cough medicine, and are about to puke up the phloem all over ourselves.

Plan 'ZZZ'
When I first was searching for a property to purchase, I was offered a plethora of different options to mortgage, 5%, 15%, 0% down all at my fingertips. My broker and I discussed the 0% down option, which she negatively criticized and I agreed, but the option was still there. Now if we insert the right proportion of 'unscrupulous' individuals into our equation - where rich get rich quicker than you can say ponzi, the 0% down option suddenly becomes this cash cow of a farmer's wet dreams - just walk right up and buy the farm! Who cares that the bank will actually own it for 70% of my lifetime, I can live the now! And as if the leadership of Canada is still living in the now of 2006, the Stools at the top are bailing out executives, again.

The U.S. has led the way exposing the plight that the common Capitalist endures. Capitalism requires competition - the driver behind the wheel to ensure that fair prices are to be delivered on time to all delivery recipients. However, as capitalism grows, a Capital peaks, and is eventually reached - one winner amongst all deliver drivers - these are the ones that figure out the streamlined effect for perfect growth - growth that has no boundaries and evolves with humans and technology - growth that is delivered on time and at the perfect temperature for digesting - the perfect pizza delivery boy. Capitalism can thrive on this type of delivery boy. But what we see today isn't quite capitalism anymore - it's more of a collusion or colluding effect. The competition to deliver fair prices is still there, however there are only a few at the top that have figured it all out - how to plug their electric drivers into the global, mass communication world of the online and global delivery service - how to play the game that is dictated by sets of rules dictated by the conductor of all global traffic. The question still remains - who is that global conductor of drivers and delivery? Who conducts the orchestra?

The Colluding Effect
The question can inevitably be answered - the consumers - us. The US may still be defined in a capitalistic fashion - however with capitalism, we as us, observe that capitalism really only serves those at the top - as stratification of incomes is an easy economic target to monitor - the old saying "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" really hasn't died now has it? (unlike "what's good for the goose is good for the gander", who's saying died off when we realized that men and women are very different species) Now in the instance of competition, I'll present the scenario of going 'grass-roots' - Grass, in particular, can be grown as a seed product for lawns and landscaping - Grass just grows - as easy of a grass-roots analogy as I can get. Grass relies on water, water is available to us all at a fair price (see below). If I choose to start a new job (as I explained, my government hasn't found me a job yet) and begin my own grass-turf company, I need - a shop, building and area for growth ~ $500,000, or $10,000 per month. Seed product and start-up costs ~$5000 - time and labour - Free. Developing clientele - walking and talking and typing. So if we examine the most difficult tasks above, developing clientele and the time and labour are definitely the most difficult tasks to finish - yet these are the ones that are free! The easiest task, buying grass seed and dirt and finding a building, are easy, but the most expensive. So irregardless of this paradox, I go on and develop a clientele, grow grass seed and start selling - I've observed the market, my prices are fair and I make a profit. Now, as it stands, two scenarios can play out.
1) I'm approached by my competition, the uber-powerful and ultra growth oriented GrassMart, who offer me a fair price for my business, I can either a) accept the offer or b) reject the offer.

a) by accepting the offer I've closed shop, made some money and moved on to greener pastures
b) i reject the offer. Now under this scenario, timing is a big key indicator. How long have I been in business to pay off my initial investment and have turned a profit to actually make money. This is where under a 'colluding' scenario, the big dogs are the only ones to bark, and their bite is mean. Collusion of an industry allows the product providers, or delivery boys, to dictate the price of their services. These are instances where the value of a product can be manipulated by these individuals, for example OPEC***. In my rejection of the offer, I suffer the consequences of an open market being dictated by measures out of my control. If I reject the offer, I can see the value of my grass seed product plummet, down the drain and sustainability of my grass-roots effort can easily be pissed on and destroyed. Just like that.

(There is a c) scenario where I reject the offer and GrassMart comes and slaps a lawsuit for seed-patent infringement, but I should move on....)

However with OPEC, this consortium maintains the oil price at a fair value. The rise in the price of oil during the years from 2003 - 2007 were a function of the massive growth and consumerising nature of the US - it peaked as the US economy peaked and plummeted in turn. The US created the rise in oil prices, not the OPEC. But as things expanded, Canada went on and started to build the great machine that digs, pumps and pushes oil on us. The costs, as things expanded, also expanded, creating a bubble of expensive food, expensive gas and expensive lifestyles. In Canada, with oil at $50 USD, we still pay $0.85 for a liter gasoline ($3.22 per gallon). What could be happening, and this is all speculative of course, is that Canada can no longer sell it's expensively produced oil to the world. The world no longer needs our dirty oil, so we keep it for ourselves. But as we keep it for ourselves, we don't buy any other cheap - easily accessible oil. The oil that keeps our tanks at $0.55 a liter, the oil that keeps the costs of our lifestyles down. Canada has just seen an inflationary bump in costs to everything that relies on oil and gas to grow. Food, clothing, and all the pizza delivery drivers across this nation will have to pay a little more. This is a product that we never asked for, but is being pushed on us by the refusal to compete in a Capitalistic world.

delivery drivers

Approximately a week ago, Canada's leaders spoke up and discussed one of our most precious resources, our Water. As the world grows hungrier and gets thirstier, water is becoming an ever-increasing more valuable resource. Huh - imagine that - the element that composes 90% of our body mass, and we can't get enough of it clean. Anyways, Canadian leaders showed great valour, saying, 'This is Ours - We Need to Protect our Resources". Valid point, valid case. There is a case where water is essential to all of us, if Canada has mis-managed resource allocation, or if this Global Warming threat is real, we do need to protect ourselves - I agree. But if we look at number and equations (... starts to drool...) 30.3% of Canadians rely on groundwater, the remaining 26 million or so get water from other fresh sources, rivers, great lakes, rain, snow, etc... Groundwater is part of the sub-class, Freshwater, as contaminants picked up from it riding gravity through soil, waste and material eventually ends up as a murky aquifer or aquitard, laying in a bed of geological structure and rocks. Canada has begun to research our reserves, with one study being executed to determine a "facility for the extraction of up to 300,000 m3/a" (alot of water - humans use about 15-20 m3 daily). But what the research and reporting will do is determine that Canada has a heckuvalota groundwater. So water, water everywhere, why not have a drink?

The glory to have water as a great resource should depict the value to it's people - it's population. So as a Canadian, I am a little perplexed why we fall in the category of 'not-so-good-water-management' - see here. Apparently, Canadians pay a little more for their water. As a vast country in the North, we don't quite equal Mexican water costs, or Japanese costs, or the US's, or Australia's. We pay more for our water to drink and swim. We clean it up, distribute it through our faucets into our 90%+ make-up. The completely renewable water source.

So with room to grow, the conundrum for a nation is - do we grow? Do we grow water? Do we harvest this resource and distribute it off into the poorer countries, capitalizing on their misfortunes? I fear that the words of our politicians have set this up - we want to protect our vast resources - we want to value what we have - we want to set a price on our water for trade. It will soon be discovered that Canada may hold a key to the Groundwater conundrum - it may soon be discovered that we have our own Nubian Aquifer - an aquifer in Africa so big it could provide water for 1,000,000 people - but is so wrapped up in political upheaval that no one can figure out how to pump it out... But what Canada also holds is the power to turn the faucet on - to pump and dig - but what I fear is that Canada's water may become so polluted with capitalistic intentions that our waters and our livelihoods become controlled by interests that aren't my own.

Nubian Aquifer
If Canada were to lead this charge, and once delineation of our waters is determined, we need to step up - cut our own water bills first, and consider water an essential element of life - no cost associated with water. Every one should be able to find a free faucet for life. Conservation will be key, however once this step is concluded, we can set up international aid donations. For every dollar donated of water, a tanker is filled and shipped to a third world filling station - free of charge with the donations of dollars. Canada could feed the world the tastiest kool-aid coloured flavour to tickle all taste buds - the taste of water - if we only lost our competitive intentions.

Water is born of elemental nature -
Water is a unique element, displaying sublimation characteristics unknown to any other earth element -
Water is a secret ingredient to life itself -
Water is a liquid at room temperature and pressure -

Competition is born of thermodynamic entropy - greed
Competition is a cloned ideal, displaying destructive characteristics on all earth elements.
Competition is a secret ingredient to slavery itself.
Competition is a curse in modern times and a technological age.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gravitational Callings

The only regrets I've had in life, were ones that were created when I've wanted acceptance. These were the unresolved questions that simmered into the depths of my cerebrum and lay there unanswered conducting the orchestra of my dreams. The Beethovinic tunes that play in the restless and restful hours of my life created dances of tribal torture and symbiotic interpretation - leaving fragments and scars along my cortex that were replaced by the axiomic neurons reigniting past flames of memory. The regrets in my life kept me awake some nights.

Sleep Apnea
One regret that kept me tossing and turning amongst the many sleepless nights, was a continuous question that had no answer - the proof that an almighty power was real. At times as a child I would stay awake in an attempt to speak to the Almighty, asking for any insignificant or significant indication of its presence - I would, in equivalence sake, be in deep meditation to God trying to make that connection - but this was a connection that never left me satisfied - my acceptance to an Almighty power was never gratified - and I lay awake in regret - with only my dreams as my eternal dance with peace. I would look to the stars for any answer - and as the universe danced, the meanings and intonations expressed by Beethoven, Mozart and Bach suddenly made sense. I looked to meaning - why things work, why things act - and the microscope grew more powerful. I began looking internally - no not quite metaphorically, but my brain was a curious one, and told me to electrify my spidey senses and look at my structure - my Atom.

Schrodinger's Atom
Erwin Schrodinger was born in Vienna, Austria in 1887. His upbringing brought him to studies in philosophy, perception, colour theory, and Vedanta. Later in mid-life, he dedicated his works to quantum mechanics, and is his best known for his determination of quantum wave theory. Schrodinger had determined equations that predicted the wave electrons flowed and created energy. Upon befriending Einstein and no doubtingly discussing the humiliation of humanity of the Third Reich's idiocy - Schrodinger came up with the thought conundrum to tickle all the twinkles in the Physicists eye - the Schrodinger's Cat Thought Experiment. Schrodinger essentially dedicated his life to determining the mystery of the atom - how it's formed, how it's emitted, how it's energized. He came up with quantum determinations that gave Scott Bakula the leap of a lifetime - a Quantum Leap - a definition of an electron's path to the formations of all the elements in our periodic tables. Schrodinger was, arguably of course, a genius.

As an atom, matter is mostly stored in a tiny ball - similar to the tension built up from long lost memories - it's stored like the core of the Earth is molten tight. In order to possess energy and the secret ingredient to life, the atom's mass creates this magical thing called Gravity - the provider of life itself - without gravity we would be like two plastic bags dancing in the wind without a care in the world - without gravity, our waters and beers and margaritas would swell up to the little tiniest droplets of mist - only to be nanosecondly whisked away to the bare quirks and quarks of our make-up - we just wouldn't exist without gravity. Gravity provides the random paths for our electrons to spin, up or down, left or right - while also providing the essential laws to dictate our universal presence in the galaxies - gravity is the ultimate law ready to wrassle all cowboys and outlaws with a rope of invisible tension - gravity is that call to be as one.

Quantumly Leaping
Schrodinger's wave rides gravity to the point of exhaustion - it predicts where an electron will be at any one point in time as it vibrates across it's wavelength - Schrodinger, arguably defined the mystery of life and how we're created - he basically disproved the presence of an almighty creator with his whimsical cat purring in the background, ready to be poisoned by hydrogen cyanide. It was no surprise to me to discover he had cast aside the teachings of a Catholic father and a Lutheran mother when studying molecular theory - I had done the same in a sense - I stopped praying to God and searching for His presence as I studied the world around me. I never considered myself religious, nor of any following, Atheist, Agnostic, Secular - I didn't want the label. It's been a strange companion to not be convinced of an almighty - I've found myself more passionate for other things as I replaced my longing for acceptance from God - it seemed that as soon as I gave up my search for an answer - I lost all my regrets and no longer worried about things - I could take care of myself - I didn't need to wait for someone to come and save me - I didn't need to have the constant disappointment of waiting for that lucky Lottery ticket of life - I didn't want to gamble my existence on the roll of a dice through the roulette wheel - I didn't want to rely on chance. I took the chance that I could study my own atomic structure and understand the true nature of creationism - I studied the atom and its magical make-up of the true almighty power - the world of Gravitational force.

Three Blind Mice
Gravity, is said, to ride everything - as a modest mouse once told me. Disney had nothing on this mousey character though - this creature whispered to me that gravity calls every single piece of innate matter to eventually be as one - almost as if gravity is the true creator. Stephen Hawking theorized that the Universe was once a still-standing piece of everything - matter and mass so dense that every particle was one condensed thick ball of goop - we were all the same clump of infinite matter. The Big Bang, theorizes that at some point in time, in an instant, matter had a bang that was big, as if the wrassling cowboy fired off a shotgun round into the air to scare off the coyotes - all matter in the universe raced off to the unknown distance, feeding off all the entropic nature of chaos - breaking all the laws of thermodynamics that could ever explain its birth - the universe expanded. But in the ever expanding universe, things gravitate the wave back to one - calling every single piece of matter to be together. Somehow with gravity, the first pieces of eukariotic and prokariotic matter balanced a formula to create a spin of mystery - Life in the bubbling stew of primordial goop.

An Elephant Never Forgets
What gravity doesn't explain are left to human interpretations - but for some reason, human interpretations, specifically subjective ones - have tried to define what gravity already has - the mystery of life and the atom. The ability of humans to be sentient beings still remains a mystery, and a profoundly subjective one at that, however, as we continue to map our brains and count the precursors of Dopamine and Serotonin addiction, we continue to understand how we think - imagine that - we're discovering how we think by thinking about it - damn are humans ever cool creatures. But mimicking the great elephants search for greener pastures, we often put our hopes and dreams in the stead of a Matriarch - someone to lead us to the safety of good fortunes. Elephants are, however, more instinctive beings, following the Matriarch to the paths previously paved by elders that solved the mazes to the Garden of Eden. But with instincts, also come memory, thoughtfulness and sentience - elephants sense the necessity to mourn a lost loved one - elephants live by a code of sharing, togetherness and survival that other creatures on this planet need to mimic. Elephants are arguably, the most developed sentient beings on our planet.

Pachydermatic Cloning
What elephants lack are the eternal search for the definition of our existence - they lack Religion. Religion has influenced a large percentage of the earth - reaching an estimated 80% of the total population. The remaining population untouched from religious followings are ones who answer 'no' when asked if they believed, or do not follow any particular faithful teachings in general. Totaling approximately 20% of the world's population, they don't meet on a regularly scheduled basis like all other followers so - they simply live and pay taxes - two certainties of life - everyone lives, and everyone pays taxes. This 20% live under the balance beam of Jamaican dance, limboing through the targets placed on us from the remaining 80%.

I was amazed to discover that the largest increase to a religious following, was the faith of the Mormon church. Apparently these followers of a Smith's mimics to Mickey Mouse have increased through the spread of their Mission. It is estimated that over 50,000 youth followers, mostly male, spread their word like the catholic reach of the right - converting approximately 800 followers everyday, and an estimated 300,000 every year, mostly across areas outside the continental North America. The net worth of the Mormon church is currently worth billions of dollars today. The Church of Latter Day Saints still seems to be profitable.

Minimalizing Wavelengths
Still with all these conversion, the dent in the stratification still minimizes the overall impact of the Mormon church. The secular world does seem to be holding strong. From 1990-2000, the secular beliefs have increase in the US by 110% (Source: here) - much greater than the 5% increase the Christian (includes Mormons, Catholic statistics) but short of the path that Hinduism (237% increase in US), Buddhism (170% in US) and Sikhism (338% in US) have led. However, even as they increase in numbers, the secular world is a world that is un-united - a world without a voice in North American politics - a world that outcasts them as Martians and labels like Atheist. It is actually true that most non-believers do not prefer to be labelled as Atheist, as the connotation sparks slight takes of outrage with Religious followers. The Atheist, in a sense, prefers to not discuss Religion, as the counter-points to the argument usually lead to frustration and ignorance by both parties, and a flip of the coin leaves the two antagonists left in regret.

In a sense, the sentient thought that leads to atheism, agnosticism, secularism or humanists is developed through the pragmatic determination of observations. The role of the Religious follower is the opposite, choosing to rely on a blind faith in mighty mouse while following a Matriarch not fit to follow - the Elephants will never forget your lies, your deceit and your complete lack a true gravitational calling to existence. It's time that this atheist, agnostic, non-believer, secular, cynical, pessimistic, existentialistic or whatever fucking label is applied to cast off whatever nay saying, illogical, craps hoot card games are being dealt. Down with Religion and down with regrets. The pachyderm will only live in regret when mourning a loved one - and the pachyderm will follow a true Matriarch to greener pastures... pragmatic reasoning at it's best.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Purple Haze

All in my Brain
Conspiracies are often masked behind a haze of smoke and mirrors, all with the same motivation to distract the truth from being sought. For decades, Western culture has devoured a juicy conspiracy ripe with the juices so sweet that satisfaction is never reached - we go on searching for more... and they always seem to pop up right in front of our noses, signaling the olfactory nerves to smell in the odours and determine if the stink of smoke is flatulence - or the sweet smell of purplish plants...

Conspiracies have bred trend-setting stylists into: roll camera - Action! From Mel Gibson and his portrayal of a psycho-loner lunatic who fancied The Catcher in the Rye in Conspiracy Theory, to Oliver Stone and Waterworld-famed Kevin Costner's search for the truth behind the JFK assassination - to the cult-like followers of Zeitgeist, conspiracies are gobbled up with consumeristic enthusiasm that rivals our thirst for donuts and oil.

Lately Things Don't Seem the Same
I don't often rely on one media source for information, however the posting on Illuminati News brought excellent facts, formations and photographs to my fingertips - a conspiracy so gobbled up in consumeristic conceited cobblestones of corruption that even the pot user can't be 'chill' on this one - the conspiracy of marijuana.

Four score and 210 years ago - hemp was considered a natural plant of society. Laws were in place to protect the natural herb from prohibition, and for a period of time in Virginia - it was illegal to NOT grow hemp. Laws were put in place allowing citizens to pay their taxes USING hemp - allowing earth and herb inhabitants to live a sustainable life on the herb. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin all supported the movement to industrialize hemp to its full potential, growing and processing the herb themselves. Strong ropes were made, clothes were fabricated, books were written, even the first bibles, flags of independence and constitutions were written on hemp. Hemp was the sacred saviour of humanity - food, fiction and non-fiction, flags, flip-flops and fashionable boutiques all flocked to find the fine fabric flowing from hemp. Mr. Ford even made the Model-T run on hemp-oil-gasoline and even built parts of the vehicle out of wire woven hemp. The US government even promoted farmers to grow hundreds of thousands of acres for the support of our troops during the World Wars.

And then the smoke came - like out of the deep haze of a purple fog - the conspiracy of media manipulation began.

Actin Funny, but I don't know Why
With the onset of industrialization in the U.S., products, oil, plastics and electronics soon became popularized. There Will be Blood identified the insatiable thirst for oil, and the ease of plastic production injected the moulds of consumerism to a country of burgeoning GDP. Then the Hoover vacuum sucked us dry and sucked our fine herb of humanity into the vortexes of a twisted destructive hurricane.

Herbert Hoover was inaugurated as the 31st president of the United States as a Republican in 1929. Hoover had to suck it up, and endure a stock market crash 8 months into his presidency, and never really shook out the cobwebs of the Great Depression, relinquishing his post in the next election. But during this time, the Progressive Reformer appointed a crony of his, Andrew Mellon, as secretary of the US Treasury. In doing so, Mellon, or the mellonhead, cut taxes like no man's business - reducing top income earners taxes from 77% to 25% - an astounding shift in stratifying economics, and a precursor to the Reagonomics we endured in the last quarter of the twentieth century. The mellonhead, as a secretary of commerce, was allowed to appoint the new Elliot Ness of drugs, the father of the War on Drugs, and he appointed an in-law, the guru of ungodly drug use, Harry J. Anslinger. At the same time, the mellonhead began investing in Dupont - a popular plastics and consumeristic purveyor of popularity - and at the same time Anslinger, slung mud and slander at the plants grown from mud with cander.

The REEFER MADNESS campaign began in 1935, entitled - "Marihuana - Assassination of Youth". Targeted at slandering Mary Jane as a violent narcotic, the campaigns depicted extreme violence, incurable insanity and axe-wielding murders as a consequence of Mary Jane's presence - and soon transformed the peace-loving farmers into self-repugnant condescending critics of the herb - all the while billowing a cloud of purple smoke across the dreams of their fore-fathers - four score and seven years is all it took. And the score was never settled - the campaign of terror and fear took hold a nation - it grasped the guts the herb's root, and tore out its humanity without ever being a word of truth. The conspiracy had been conspired - and in 1937, the most useful product humanity could arguably have known - was outlawed.

Years passed, ideologies died, and Mary Jane continued to be persecuted for a crime she didn't commit. But GDPs ballooned, the Great Depression sunk, and plastics and televisions became colourful to our very eyes - we became blind to the purple haze. Infiltrating with Beaver Cleavers and Andy Griffiths, TV plugged our eyes and ears from the truth, and we blindly watched.

Scuse me, while I Kiss the Sky
The truth behind the smoke screen set up by entertainment, TV and Purple People Eaters says that our fine herb is truly a blessing from nature - impregnated here to benefit humanity - not poison us like the synthesized euphoric fabrications of our chemistry sets (cocaine, heroin, LSD) mixed up in the laboratories of our pharmacists. The herb of hemp produces hemp oil, an oil so powerful in it's concoction, that the tanks of our motorized vehicles could be powered by the herb. The herb of hemp cures us of pains associated with glaucoma, the trials of cancer, and the general soreness of our souls. The herb of hemp can feed and clothe us, providing high-protein hemp seed products, or titanium-equivalent durable strength in our clothing. The herb of hemp can even be processed into biodegradable plastics, returning to the earth naturally, as opposed to the near-infinite eternal nature of the black bouillon of petroleum-based plastics. The Herb of Hemp could arguably save our society from greed and corruption - igniting a flame and smoke so powerful that Utopia and Freedom almost seem visible from the distance from the Purple Haze - but the mud slinger that was Anslinger took our biodegradable plastics away - as Dupont cashed in the riches of our freedom, and so the conspiracy is told.

Am I Happy or in Misery - Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on Me
The true nature of marijuana, or Mary Jane's plight, is that it does alter our reality, allowing the user to become more aware of their surrounding and interpret truth and justice in ways our cerebral Left Hemispheres can't do alone. We produced products of synthesized drugs that continued to alter this reality, only to determine that we didn't know what we mixed in the cauldron, or how it deteriorates our minds are realities to dust. And for some reason we lumped the Natural Herb of Hemp into this category - a category of human intervention and mad chemist mixing of products we didn't understand. We now populate a world of science, technology and research that often requires generations to prove or disprove. We've proven that heroin, cocaine, LSD, PCP, Crystal Meth and Ex are all destructive chemical compounds we generated - but throughout the generations, we have not proven that Hemp is a destructive property - we only put a smoke-screen on top of hemp, limiting it's potential to grow and inhabit the Earth like it was destined to be - destined to live alongside humanity profiting only on our happiness and not on our greed. If I were to pray to a higher power - it would be to hemp - hoping that its seeds of hope spreads eternal. I would pray to the Goddess of Mother Earth.

**UPDATE - Researchers at Stanford University have identified a biodegradable plastic consisting of Hemp fibers fused with a biodegradable plastic resin, PHB. The researchers hope that the bioplastic will replace building materials and plastics that currently rely on petroleum-based feedstocks. More information can be found here.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Acronyms Attack - the GDP

Products of domesticated value - these are the things we consume, eat, swallow, throw out and die for. These are the products that Miley Cyrus, General Electric and Walmart push on us. These are the products that were soaked in by the throw-away culture - these are the products that corrupted the culture of quality assurance and quality control for the ever lasting growth and sustenance of the profit margin, and these are the products in which we were told to shop. We were told to go shop while a war was waged, we were told we could support our troops by continuing to spend. We were told this to proliferate and keep the growth of domesticated products at the bursting seams of a bubble - but we were never told that we were all grown up.

Cesarean Section
The industrial revolution literally paved this country grey - amidst all the natural green, amber, red and blue beauty that Canada beholds, we paved the trees so we could live in freedom - but we never clued in to the fact that the industrial revolution paved the way to a throw away society. Trucking routes opened up paths to stores, paths to cash registers, and a path to your kitchen garbage can. A Sony product I once bought went on the fritz 4 days after my manufacturer's warranty had expired - they recommended a variety of replacement products, all I had to do was work a few days to earn it... and throw away my old one... As technology grew, so did the concept of throw away ideals and principles, the GPD would never have bulged it's twine from the core without these ideals. I recall in my early days of University, I had heard that John Henry Ford blueprinted the perfect automobile that could last a lifetime - and he threw it all away to sustain the ideal of 'throw it all away' - the Ford family would never have reached it's wealth otherwise. The death of the electric car came too soon in our technological taste tests.

Terrible Twos
The principles of GPD growth relies on two things - an increasing population, and an increasing debt-to-income ratio. I grew up in the days of hand-me-down sweaters, sock-puppets and soccer balls - but as I grew, the Reaganomics of the GDP growth became ever-increasingly skewered - and the hand-me-down traditions of our past generations vanished - I grew up in consumerism - the isms of all holy isms. As the fridges hummed and toilet bowls flushed, CDs replaced tape decks, and DVDs replaced CDs, and Blurays have replaced DVDs - all in a similar tribal fashion to Window 95 replacing MS-DOS, only to be replaced by Windows 98, only to be replaced by XP - and now by Vista - each edition brought more powerful stations - and powerful information at fingertips, and the ever-increasing powerful garbage heap. But as I've peaked to the precipices of my purpose - I've always wondered - how can technology advance any further - and I tell myself - technology should hold back it's reigns on consumerism, and dart back down from the ism, to science.

Growing Pains
But as things bulge and burst to it's seams - we have become ever increasingly more aware of our status and place on this earth than ever before. I do realize environmental enthusiasts have been spouting off about global warming for years and have yet to show any progress, but the '80's were the start. Generations removed from the first sparks of the industrial and consumerist revolution, we started to see the effects on our health, our environment and our Gross National Happiness index - they all began to deteriorate - all while the oil drum resonated the constant beat of the GDP - it grew. We have now passed another generation since the '80's, entering a generation currently lost in the mix of what to do, how to fix things, and how to restructure. Wikipedia may never come up with these answers, but it is the simple fact that the population boom of the North America has peaked - we've finally conquered the World. Growth, in the terminology of global population, has started to hit the apex of the turn - humans are beginning to level out their spread of catholic practices.

Africa is a continent, for the most part, considered undeveloped. The G20's of the growth curve have hit their peak - they can't possibly stuff any more sardines into this can. So to ensure growth in a closed system, G20's begin to segregate wealth and opportunity to those that are left in the dust, those that are left in Africa. And the situation is beginning to get dire in Africa - upheavals, destruction and genocide of a continent lost in the mix of our idiosyncrasies and ideological nightmares. The stratification of income in our own countries of North America don't come close to the stratification if we superimposed the continent of Africa on our charts and chants.

So through all this, North America came up with another solution - China. The super-rapid-cagilistic expansion of the Chinese Empire gobbling up Western traditions fueled our fires during the onset of our Y2K fears. They, the Chinese, ate - and when you eat Chinese, you're always hungry for more - but the Chinese provided discounts on merchandise, materials and matter - discounted from the equations of GDP growth - discounted as a trade surplus for them, and at a trade deficit from North American labourers and drones. What was hidden in the Chinese firecracker was that deficit of trade trickling through the cracks. The Walmart shelves are actually a goldmine of material, and if each element and compound of the trinkets and Hanna Montana dolls were weighed by their individual worth on the world wide web of trade, we would find that wow - what a bargain shopping at Walmart is! And then we throw it out. The Chinese trade deficit is rumored to be floating around $1.8 trillion US dollars. That's $12,000 for every US citizen. And now the US has lost it's marbles in the sack of sorry upper tier echelon-ic aristocracy - the rich got richer, and the poor are bailing out the miserable executives. The US can no longer grow. They paved their lands from ocean to ocean, and are facing immigration concerns - the US no longer wants to grow. So how is GDP sustained? President Obama is trying to find those answers right now.

Generation X-ing
If we float across the great lakes of Ontario, we can also see what Ottawa is doing - what the stools of black biscuit tar pucks are contemplating as a recipe for disaster. For some reason, the Stool of the stead openly invited one of the curators of the crisis meltdown into our country - and with a pat on the back, as if we were saying, way to go buddy - ata commit a war crime - we let him go. But perhaps the Stool had other things on his mind - the flush of the toilet is perhaps sending this Stool into the depths of Lake Ontario - Canada is on the brink of finding out how impervious to growing pains we really are - we are about to find out how we can survive now that our kid sister, the US, is having it's dollar devalued and is having its entire economy crash to a halt. Recessions are never easy, they are never fast, and now that the once-appointed leader of the Bank of Canada, another car enthusiast in Dodge, has said that Canada is become a pasture of poop and manure so stench-worthy that even Stool won't be able to find a home, perhaps we'll find out how clueless the leadership of this country truly is... and yet they continue to lie - Canada hasn't been impervious to the crisis - we've had our own sub-prime mortgage mess ready to rear it's ugly head - all on cue after the ungracious meltdown of our kid sister - Canada's on the verge of feeling puberty rear it's ugly head and flood hormones of angst and misery across the nation...

All Grown Up
Canada faces the biggest challenge of all - keeping our GDP growth sustained. But GDP growth to a country that has burst at it's seams is only self-serving to the executives at the top. Perhaps the new wave of politics and puppeteering should focus on a new acronym - GPI - or Genuine Progress Indicator. The GOP, DEM, PC, NDP, LIB, CON and all parties should grow up and be genuine - perhaps review, analyze and project this concept to the general public. By finding the answer right there in Wikipedia, the GPI accounts for growth in a country, but measures how the growth has actually helped welfare and environmental protection systems. The Swedes, the dutch, the french, heck even jolly ol' queen mum uses the GPI. The GPI offers a transition from GDP to actually account for welfare (health) and the environment. It offers a solution to truly ensure the population that exists in a country to be accounted for, from lower class right to the upper. Instead of stratification, we become closer to the shape of a circle. But, in full circle, Canada refuses to employ this calculation in the Country's strength - Canada attempted (but not adapted) the ESDI - an initiative cleverly disguised with the words Environment and Sustainable Development Indicators to match the principles of the GPI - but at the behest of the MPs and the CON, the ESDI was never tabled again as we continued to focus on GDP and debt payback.

Domesticated and Produced
On the threshold of the global turmoil, our leaders pander the motions of a great actor - miming the monkey's movements, these Stools act political strategies and lobby for the support of like minded corporate stools who live in a world of consumerism and GDP growth. We need to wake up and realize that growth is not sustainable in a developed nation. Growth and development lead to independence, and Canada is currently an independent nation - the leadership should focus internally into our National structure - Energy, Health, Environment and Safety - all with the mind of ESDI, GPI, SRDC and whatever acronym we can think of that begins focus our attention to our real neighbours in this country - we're experiencing brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and neighbours all caught in the plight of our government's reluctance to give up the reigns on consumerism and GDP growth. We've all grown up and peaked on consumerism, environmentalism, capitalism, communism, fascism, absurdism, optimism, pessimism, fanaticism, geocentrism and all the isms that accompany it. Growth cannot occur in our age - we've overpopulated ourselves - GDP strength translates into slavery and fascism in some form - whether it be being stuck in debt for your entire trip around the sun and 700 moons sightings - or whether it be restricting a developing nation from ever truly developing - the GDP cannot work in our global technological age of education. We must find the right solution - or we'll watch the anarchic nature of human beings really attack. The acronyms won't save us then...