Friday, February 6, 2009


I normally start my day off in a haze. Stuck in that conscious awe I spoke of earlier. I used to wake up to blaring music. Not anymore - I get to pick when I wake up now. It takes a while to get me out of that zombie state, but if I cook bacon - wowza, I'm alive. If I were to wake up to a smell, it would probably be to bacon.  

Fighter of The 
The nightman cometh and he taketh away

I used to work for a corporate minded company. Run like the military - everyone communicating and cooperating. Human resources were in place to find employees, managers selected the right employees, executives would select the right managers and a board of shareholders selected the right executives. It was when those shareholders that had more power and more say in a company's operation, was when I saw failure. A single mind or entity of minds, shaping the control of an enterprise.

This type of enterprise, in my experience, was bad. This type of enterprise has the ability to control production, price, delivery and supply of the materials it creates. If competition is available, perhaps that may subdue to a Bell Curve , but if competition aligns to collude and conspire and continue the entropy of greed, a stratification of income occurs shifting everything to the top like it's climbing a great Egyptian Pyramid.

Champion of the Sun
The food we eat, at some point, is grown. It grows from the earth and sun, we eat it, but we also share with our animals. But then we eat our animals too. These are natural. These are pure. At least I thought they were. I wrote early on as well that I've grown skeptical.

Skepticism is another 'ism'. It makes us wary of a truth we once thought right. When skepticism is reached, I hope that wrong is exposed. What is right and what is wrong.

This is a short film which helps me understand right and wrong (6mins):

Anyways, the food that I put in my mouth, I like to savour. I like to indulge the flavours and devour the satisfaction. When our food is being modified to satisfy other urges than my hunger is wrong. This cannot continue. We need to make this a bigger issue in our consuming lifestyles. What the hell is this tripe that I'm eating?

For some reason, growing up, I got called a naysayer, a whiner, a complainer by people.  At that time, I called them ignorant assholes - and it wasn't until recently that I realized maybe I too
am an ignorant asshole.  

Ignorance, is simply a state of floating on a cloud - bliss as i've been told - from ignorance, skepticism is born - where the truth truly exists - as truth exists, true ethics can be instilled, taught, learned, with the benefit of developing true principles.  When I see colluding forces whirling up entropic storms, their destruction of my blissful cloud will cause it to rain and evaporate.  But then again, it's always sunny in philadelphia.  

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