Monday, February 16, 2009

2 Minute Powerplay

I recall catching my first NHL (National Hockey League) game a few decades ago - the ice was sheen and blanketed with a intersurficial layer of sweat and spittle - blades swerved through the cracks, spinning in infinite signs of valour and bravery - occasionally making contact with the rubber duck - which was as elusive to the goalie's glove as it was to the naked eye - pacing and darting from one corner or another, the goal was to shoot the duck and catch the prey in the net.   

Rules were of course followed, but often confusing - what does the blue line indicate - is this the safe zone?  Is this a boundary to which that ducks are shot from?  Faceoffs, penalties, delay of games, fighting, injuries - the whole thing fascinated me.  That game I witnessed a Russian born player make his best impression of the great Rocket.  

The great Canadian game spreads throughout the continent of America, filtering through northern parts of Europe.  It does seem Canada has extensive roots from Europe, all types can be found in Canada.  With that said, Europe has greatly influenced Canada - with the visits from Mum and a Province dedicated to the Fleur-de-Lis.  It could be said that Canada takes quite a few queues from the lands of Nomads and Vikings - and I quite often observe the Nomads and Vikings - frontier pioneers of savage romanticism.  

Cross Checking
In today's society, Europe is currently undergoing a so-called 'face-lift' - decades removed from inhumane atrocities, the countries have banned together to form a Union.  A European Union with their own currency and platform to enter a new age of renewability.  By 2020, the EU plans to have 20% of it's energy supply generated through renewable measures.  All this in an effort to curb the use of fossil fuels.  

It has recently been announced that the newly voter-appointed leader of the United States will provide measures to, in essence, mimic the leadership of the EU, indicating a desire to reduce the U.S. reliance on foreign oil, or dirty oil.  This measure of reducing the use of dirty oil has put a target directly at the vast reserves of the great canadian oil sands, which are estimated to be second only to the crude oil reserves in Saudi Arabia.  I've always wondered though, if there are oil sands in Canada - could there not be oil sands in Saudi Arabia as well - perhaps the light crude nature of the oil in the Middle East does not warrant the exploration of heavier crudes similar to the sticky nature of bidumen.  But in the heat of the moment, Canada pumped and expanded, employing the nation's workforce from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island - extracting vigourously the black soup of prosperity.  From 2003 and beyond the Oil Sands created a craze - another bubble floating up to the surface expanding and soaking up everything in it's path - hopes, homes, policemen, politicians, physicians and philanthropists.  Moneys were abound and GDP growth was bursting.  

10 Minute Misconduct
So it is currently getting to be 2 moons past since the shake around the sun, and the U.S. and the EU are frontiering ahead with the path to renewability.  But Canada seems to be lagging behind - as if stool's got a hand in keeping the faltering black tars stuck to the bottom of his boots.  If we focus the microscope into the boundaries of the blue lines, the best hunting grounds for black-billed ducks, the cowboy conservative cattle country of canada continuously caters to a chorus of cowardly cautious corporate stools.  In all the midst and glory that were the oil sands, some bailouts reached the underfunded.  In all the glory of nader and the bounty of his keep, the surpluses will be turned back to whence they came - back into the dirty oil, and much of this dirty oil bailout money is being distributed to small oil - or better yet, small oil that branched off from big oil - small time executive sharks preying on the scraps of meat thrown their way...

Neutral Zone Infraction
The issue with getting the black shit off the bottom of your boots is that it sticks.  It gets everywhere to your hair and socks.  It takes scrubbing and scrubbing to get it clean, or it takes steam to wash it away.  The average CO2 emission factor to wash it and pump it up to our fast-paced lives is approximately 55 kg CO2 for each barrel of black bouillon.  So that means it's planned production by 2020, a forest 6,000,000 trees would need to soak up the billowing clouds of carbon - but to proliferate the profit of black gold, the trees are being slaughtered.   The stools and sharks may claim that costs are too high to capture carbon.  But for all the negative carbon benefit, for all the negative market prices and for all the negative executive bonuses, why is the bailout supporting a black goop of shit that can't be used for anything?  THIS DIRTY OIL IS PRINTING DIRTY MONEY AND THE BLACK DIRT ON MY BOOTS WON'T FRIGGIN COME OFF!!!  

I like the idea of renewability.  A frontier of renewability is happening, albeit slowly.  The Bullfrog Power concept is one that is reasonably situated in two frontiers of Canada.  Perhaps the peasants across the nation can climb onto this bandwagon like the Stanley Cup is coming to town... 

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