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Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

I’ll start this post off with a glass of half infinite matter – I love rocking chairs.   Feels like floating on the Pacific with the control of the waves at your fingertips – peacefully back and forth, nothing rocking more than the nauseating balance of your feet.  If by chance the rocking nature of my feet bring an excess of imbalance, It’s diagnosed within milliseconds to ease the steady tapping of my foot to a slower pace of life. 

Ancient Civilization

There are often times that my feet tap furiously – as if the angry depths of Hades themselves are stirring to be heard.   It is, often, mistaken that the definition of Hades is in fact differentiated between Ancient Mythology and Christian interpretation.  The Christian interpretation involved fear that the soul will remain in Hades for eternity, and that the gates of Heaven determined if you were granted admission (don’t forget the popcorn) of peace, or be tormented for eternity in the underworld, or Hades.  However the underworld, in Greek Mythology, was simply a division of all the matter in our known planet.  Zeus got the Skies.  Poseidon got the Seas.  And Hades got the Underworld, or the Earth.  Hades was crowned as a God, as the Greek God for the Land of the Dead.  A soul-keeper and, I would assume, soul-giver. 

The Roman Empire, as part of the great ancient Roman civilization who were greatly influenced with Greek Mythology, was the glorious start of the new realm of civilization – a Senate and Governmental structure that could feed a nation with conquests and new beginnings.  That new beginning, of course, could be defined by the Roman’s development of the Calendar, which first began it’s use in 46 BC, and closely resembles the current calendar used in today’s society.  That new beginning, of course, could also be defined by the Roman’s donation to the Church.

Donation of Constantine

The air is fresh, a mist of pollen revives the outside world.  You Spring open your windows and let the fresh moist air in – you grab a broom, you sweep you clean – you grab a box, you pack, you donate. 

A donation is, at times, the most precious gift one person can give to another. 

As a young boy – born 272 as Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus, Constantine I learned in the open fields of the region currently known as Serbia, and soon honed his craft in militaristic strategy in the Roman Army.    

Through discussion, education, meandering and prospering, Constantine I quickly gained power of the Roman Empire, ruling lands from Britain, Gaul and Spain – and it was quick to be known as the first Christian Emperor of the Roman Empire.  In 313, he begun by removing a ban on promoting Christianity and returned all confiscated Religious possessions.  Perhaps at least one of these moves was right… he later established the position of the Christian Emperor of the Church, in order to ensure that God was properly worshipped in his empire, and here I thought Gluttony was supposed to be a Sin…   Constantine I also established as policy to forbid Jews against converting Christians to Judaism – or face penalty of being burned alive...and here I thought Wrath was supposed to be a Sin.  In 316 he acted as judge on dispute involving the Donatist  - and ended up leading an army of Christians against the Christian Donatists – a breach of intra-Christian persecution – and here I thought Envy was supposed to be a Sin. 

If you read up on the link to the Donatists, you’ll notice that they were essentially robbed of their free rights and robbed of their lives.  One thing that remains a mystery of Constantine I were his final years and the purported Donation that followed – perhaps Constantine I felt compelled to give back in his final years – the Donation of Constantine purports that in he donated dominion over the lands of Judea, Greece, Asia, Thrace, Asia, Africa and the entire Western Roman Empire to Pope Sylvester I.  An honourable gesture of a dying man’s last breath – the donation of dominion and domination of nations.   Constantine I was also baptized in his final days, according to the lore of the Donation – perhaps after his lifetime of sins, the Catholic Church had brought peace when he died in 337.  Perhaps Constantine I wasn’t going to Hades after all…

The Fall of the Roman Empire

I once heard that history books were written by the best military strategists – people who observed ways to manipulate information to persuade a reader into believing a fact, or fiction.  The history of the fall of the Roman Empire is perhaps well documented history – in 395, the Roman Empire, emperors were mere figureheads – Barbie dolls to play with while the G.I. Joes, the military rulers, the Wolves in Sheeps Clothing – hid in the shadows directing their play.  Revolution occurred – and the rest is history. 

At the time Rome was in ruins, the papacy had become quite the political player – infiltrating missions of hope and the word of God to areas of Germany, Ireland, England, France and throughout Western Europe.   It was clearly evident, that the fall of the Roman Empire, even though it was bestowed to the papacy, did not affect catholic, wide-ranging reach. 

Sorting the Rubble

Tax season is right around the corner – no better time for a little Spring Cleaning to find out how much you get, or how much you owe.  I think I’ll end up owing this year.   I don’t think I gave back or donated much last year, and unfortunately I can’t put anything into the Dependant’s category - I haven’t adopted any kids lately…

Although adoption numbers, at times, scare me. 

Adapted to breath.  Adapted to smell, adapted to taste, adapted to touch, adapted to feel, adapted to speak, adapted to listen, adapted to think.  But we for some reason, are not all adopted.   In 2002, the US adopted 19,613 children internationally, and 127,000 children domestically – a number that does not fluctuate too often, year to year. 

Adoptions are usually carried out through public or private agencies – where public agencies require about $0 – 2500 of money, or private agencies, set-up as non-profit sponsorships, require approximately $4,000 - 30,000

Donations to God

An apple is a paradox in the beholder’s mind – this was something I wrote just to get a momentary reflection of its meaning – only to realize that it’s nonsense.   Nonsentious  meanmerings and prolifications embiggens me – the Minister once told me.  And I gave – and I gave.

In 2002, approximately 2.6% of a US citizen’s income went into donations to the Christian write.  With a total population of 159,000,00 in 2001 (76.5% of total population), the Christians write a tale of prosperity, of peace, of freedoms. 

In 2003, the median household income of the US was $45,000 per year.  If we equate this to the price of prosperity, of peace, of freedoms – this costs the median household income of the US $186 billion dollars per year. 

I know we currently speak our economic jargon in trillions of dollars today – popping up as deficits, only to see our shadow, and quickly ducking under the covers of sunlight.  But even a paltry $186 billion dollars would buy me all the cabins and lakes and creeks and infrastructure I could ever need – I’m curious to find out how it is spent.

Accepting a Path

I was quite uneasy about finding some results – the edginess of the conundrum played its tune on the tiniest piano – the adoptive donation of the writings of the Bible.  Through operating under the role of non-profit organization, adoptions can be set up through the church to find all the statistical genetic makeup of your dreams; find it at You can also find a similar website for the churches’ option here at Similar website, similar goal. 

The church, can provide safe haven, and a shelter to spread His word.  To properly spread a word, however, one must be truthful.  One cannot deny one’s own past and can’t falsify records.  Blasphemy should be a Sin.  A shelter must provide the safe haven, in order for adopted child to prosper, as the writer’s tale says – a shelter cannot do harm – to Sloth is a Sin .   The safe have must protect the adopted child from prey –  to Lust is a Sin.  Details of these Sins can be found here:, another site dedicated to adoption donations. 

It does bother me that the amount of money that could be used to shelter people, provide health, provide energy, provide comfort, is being used for Malfeasance. I do like initiatives the some governments take to cut spending on Religion.   But for every penny earned and spent, I’m not quite sure how to solve the adoption issues.  Perhaps we need to abort mission and return to our home planet – we were quite out in space on this one…

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