Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dawn of the Day

It dawned on me the other Day - how random things are.  I ran into an old friend.  Just walking to a grocery store, and there was this talking bottle of Heinz 57 Ketchup - mixed from authentic backgrounds, but as western as an old dirty cowboy.  He rustled up to me in his chinks and boots, smoking his Malboro.  Well what the fuck?  I thought the same.  In all of the vast area of the city, we ran into each other at the parking lot at 9:30 pm.  I was searching for toiletries; he was out on a date, typical Wayne. 

It also happened a few weeks back, Day's it seems though - walking along a path to nowhere, with somewhere in mind - I passed a dog I was in love with - an Akita Inu.  These breeds were first introduced to me by a sweet angel, and here he was – the first I ever witnessed and knew – an Akita Inu.  I mindlessly passed the owners, when no further than twenty paces, I turned to look again at the dog.  At the same time, the owner turned around, familiar with my face, and he asked if we knew each other.  He was from my hometown.  On some random road, at some random time, in another time zone, he realized the randomness of it all, typical Ty.    

By pure randomness while writing, I typed in Akeda while searching for a picture of the aforementioned Akita.  A random link posted – The Binding of Isaac.  These words were never planned to be published, but in the event of the subject hour, I decided to re-shift my attention to this random path.  And this is truly a subject that I think is random – Religion.  A topic I seldom like to discuss. 

I have not read any Religious passages in detail, with the exception of the Tao Teh Ching.  As mentioned, I’ve picked and prodded, but this random link to the Akita led me to Akeda, which led me to the Binding of Isaac.

Genesis 22 / Hebrew – English Bible / Mechon-Mamre

The passage begins with a word from God, requesting the sacrifice, or slaughter, of a man’s only son. 

The passage continues with a 3-day travel – the man’s son curiously wondering the final journey – curious to a fault. 

The passage is fearful when at the end of the travel, the man builds an altar, binds his son and lays him upon altar and wood – and the father draws a knife blade. 

The passage is calmed when an Angel appears, a voice of the LORD assuring to the man that it is known that he is God-fearing – and that the sacrifice is not necessary. 

This passage is why I do not understand some Religious beliefs. 

I cannot openly accept that any overseeing power would ask us to sacrifice that which is most previous to us – children - I would never accept to send any of my children to sacrifice. 

I cannot openly lead a child to danger, no matter what the journey – their curiosity needs protecting.

I cannot openly hurt a child.  Never even in my wildest dreams.  If I did – I would consult Freud.

I cannot openly believe in a God that casts fearful doubts of love to his disciples.

There has been much recent controversy surrounding a group of Atheists in London campaigning for the free right to advertise their cause.  For the longest time, I resented their pushy cause for preaching – I don’t need to hear anyone’s Religious beliefs, thank-you.  It wasn’t until recently the other Day, that a random path led me to a discussion which allowed me to realize that they weren’t necessarily preaching, they are getting their fair share of advertisement blitzing.  After all, if a faith that follows passages dictating us to sacrifice our sons is getting radio, TV, and all types of media play – why can’t the Atheists? 

Just to clarify, I don’t consider myself an Atheist.  It was the Tao that taught me that

Names can be named, but not the Eternal Name. 

It was from the Nameless that Heaven and Earth sprang

 Nameless and Eternal sounds find to me.  

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