Monday, February 23, 2009

Extra Sensory Interpretations

At times, I float in the matter of the brain only open to the tiniest cracks of gravitized electrons - my imagination.  As if quirks and quarks ride the wave of impulses directing my primitive ape hands to digestively interact with my outside surroundings.  

The human brain is a roadmap that currently mimics the uncharted waters and maps of lost empires - it is almost blank to our interpretation.  With it's internal structure and total mass, the mammalian enterprise of evolution sculpted the brain and it's encephalization to organize and control 75 billion neurons to fire synapses back and forth and to and from and right and left and up and down.  It's quite obvious how it's quite precious to us, God even blanketed a pocket of mucous membrane to protect our thick skulls from meeting numskulls.  

So with all of the amazing power we know the brain to contain, we still find it such a mystery.  And the mystery can always be explained and furthered in the 6th Sense - ultraperceptive extrasensorical magic.    

The feeling in my guts when I don't have a good sense of things is usually explained by what I ate the night before - the other day it was ginger beef and salt and pepper squid...  But instincts, yes I can admit that I have those - in my definition, are similar to my ethics and principles to determine right and wrong, left and right, up and down, and so on and so forth.   I do know that at some point in time, my brain and body functions have an expiry date, I've come to grips with that - however I do like to believe that this amount of time is partly, in my control, through what I eat, what I breathe, and what I do.  What I don't believe is that a premonition for-telling my doomsday can be predicted by even the noblest and honest of fortune-tellers - I just don't believe it.  I can't explain it any more clearly - it's just horse shit to me.    And I'm often not blunt.  I do know I rant and rave - and asininity begets bluntness, and vice versa...

The countdown is now on - less that 4 years away - the tales of the Maya, Einstein and Nostradamus will ruin us all.  The premonition of our planet's expiry on December 21, 2012 is an asinine scam.  There's that bluntness again...

I can imagine myself back in those days of the great Maya Empire - a simple farmer's son in the warm brisk days of the summer's heap -  and close to our God - the Sun.  We cherish it as the day's length endures - we obsess with it to keep track of it's keep.  We watch it from the skies with the stars in the night.  Deep into the stars.  

What I can't imagine is that the idea that the Maya Empire were able to discern the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy with no mathematical proof and a simple calendar to go by and pre-tell our destinies are tied to our earth and sun coinciding with the Milky Way.  This, to say the least, is a little out in space for my tastes.  This premonition would mean that by some magical energetic force from beyond the galaxies, by a measure which our current technologies can't record (but for some reason an ancient civilization could), the universe will unleash an energy beam, flipping our magnetic poles upside down, from up to left, and right to backwards.  Everyone better hop on Noah's ark when this happens...

So the next lesson in asininity is to take data and interpret the data to validate your theory - the Magnetic poles are in a constant dance around the up and down slopes of our earth - they shift.  Like the needle of the compass dancing to find true North, the poles move and shake - as if all the mass in the centre of the earth's core is spinning away in constant magmetic, magnificent, movement of magma - the densities shifting ever so slightly to balance beast of beauty's true heart - mother earth.   But mother earth wasn't invited to the bard's dance and the prophecies of the scam - the winter winds of 2012 will magically tune our fiddle for this one...

Every once and while, the chaotic spinning will burst from the radial acceleration of gravity, propelling molten magma upwards and beyond - depositing in such ways that mystify our geologists, and for some reason, are interpreted by our psychics to indicate that Noah did indeed save every 2 species on the planet.  

"Two things are infinite - the universe and human stupidity; and i'm not sure of the universe" - Albert Einstein 

Busy bees buzz - they collect coupons of pollinated pools of cool craniums.  Bees fly in an alternate universe of time, being able to dictate, communicate and create a hive of busy bee activity.  In doing so, bees also have the capability of pollinate the great plains of the Pacific's eastern playgrounds - from pole to pole, from magnetic shift to magnetic shift.  If Bees were to become extinct, as the Great Author Al once wrote, the human population will be dead in 4 years.  As if he was truly a magnificent prophet, Big Al is being pushed onto the bandwagon of 2012 - as that in 2008, populations of bees are being mistreated, on a downward spiral to extinction.  But then again, Ol' Al lived in a day that pre-dated genetic biological engineering - a type of educated practice that plays God's role...

If I used a pen name, which I do, I would probably select something cool, like Rotoed Tiller - something off key - something memorable.  Michel Nostrad sure did select the right pen name.  A man best suited for donning the ass hat beret with a beautifully accessorized manbag - all to play the role of Straw Man - speaking the words of  wisdom and prophecy - line up to get your lotto ticket cause i've got the winner right here!  He first spoke in words of tongue - quatrains in the Virgilianized syntax.  Through fear of persecution - he hid in the Churches alongside queens and mums - with his syntax being broken down with the write of religimous cantanker.  And now the Prophecies dictate our doom - 2012, by some magical interpretation of the words of writings.

I always thought we had 5 senses - smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste.  I've recently discovered I can pleasantly consider balance and acceleration a sense, temperature, kinesthetic and pain as senses as well.  These all make sense to me - they are senses all connected to the brain and in the body - my outer boundaries of being.   When I do think that the brain can be a wonderful playground - I do know when to be grounded - when to be ethical - and I can't sit idly by waiting for a doomsday prophecy to dictate my faith and fate.  It's just asininity at work again.  Silly bastards... 

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