Tuesday, March 3, 2009


ACT I - Scene IV - Song Birds
I'm looking at a sculpture and wondering why a princess would look so mysterious when holding a singing bird in it's hands... it puzzles me - art is just like politics.  But what the true nature of politics, as I have observed shows me, is that you can mimic the songbird all you want, but as long as you keep whistling the tune that you know so well over and over again, the blissful nature of your ignorance will always shine.   Politics doesn't change, art is forever moving.  

Art can be expressed as an action, as an actor, or the political actor.  One that takes cues and can't and continues on with the press rehersals, concerts and conferences.  The role of an actor is to shine, to be happy, defiant, vigilant and sad - background checks that the act is fulfilled with noble Law and he is virtuous to the right lord.  We've found our mime!  

The Denouement
A Minister is a title only befit to a true man of the Lord.  The role sparks leaders into debate, like the soft spoken but often reflective Dion, while the true title can vault a career into acting or politics.  The smiles and the cameras and the action.  But as Minister, possessing the background of a science, an understanding of the climate, and a knowledge of it's poisons would not be necessary, the lord would not cast down any of these plagues on this watch... we're only here for 4 years and the pension...   As Minister, words of legaleeze and sleeze of pandering to potential solutions are still necessary - but there are many takes in this scene - you don't need to get your act straight right away.  But at some point, if the act is not perfect, the Minister can stir the nature of the cauldron and take thimbles and pinches and dashes of brilliance, waiting for the bubble in the bouillon to boil long enough, just so the recipe can be savoured a little longer.  

There was this website back when the internet fad started - Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.  An interesting experiment in networking and connections.  You would type any actor name, and poof!  Kevin Bacon would be within 6 movie credits of your search - it was truly time killing as any good procrastinator would enjoy.  I do doubt today that website would still be valid - what with 'B-movies', 'Bollywood', 'Indie Films' and 'Searchlight', Kevin's a lost dinosaur with a receding hairline at this point.  Six Degrees of Separation.  Am I truly that far away from a great actor or politician?  

Internet Interference
The web's gone haywire.  Posts, blogs, edits, stories, news, sports, mtv, abc, paris, hilton, search, google, carbon, headlines, lowlines, widgets, wabbits, wascals and wiggle wammles, we all soak it in.  We don't mean to, but to have information at our fingertips is leading the web wevolution.  There was the dotcom boom of the 2000's, however as we approach the next decade, the web continues to grow, and be the reliable source of media.  Too bad all booms didn't blast off like this balloon... the bubble was just a blip in the radar, the bump in the road, the basic principles of supply and demand restored.  

The supply that is not longer in demand that the great true north faces is at the forefront of the pages on the web.  Actors reaching out to compatriotic brethren to see their leadership.   The script constantly changes, and improvisation is not a lost art on these well groomed greeters - but the headlines - just imagine front page news for the opening act!  Smile, brush your teeth and comb your hair - mom's instill the best advice.  

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