Thursday, March 19, 2009

Purple Haze

All in my Brain
Conspiracies are often masked behind a haze of smoke and mirrors, all with the same motivation to distract the truth from being sought. For decades, Western culture has devoured a juicy conspiracy ripe with the juices so sweet that satisfaction is never reached - we go on searching for more... and they always seem to pop up right in front of our noses, signaling the olfactory nerves to smell in the odours and determine if the stink of smoke is flatulence - or the sweet smell of purplish plants...

Conspiracies have bred trend-setting stylists into: roll camera - Action! From Mel Gibson and his portrayal of a psycho-loner lunatic who fancied The Catcher in the Rye in Conspiracy Theory, to Oliver Stone and Waterworld-famed Kevin Costner's search for the truth behind the JFK assassination - to the cult-like followers of Zeitgeist, conspiracies are gobbled up with consumeristic enthusiasm that rivals our thirst for donuts and oil.

Lately Things Don't Seem the Same
I don't often rely on one media source for information, however the posting on Illuminati News brought excellent facts, formations and photographs to my fingertips - a conspiracy so gobbled up in consumeristic conceited cobblestones of corruption that even the pot user can't be 'chill' on this one - the conspiracy of marijuana.

Four score and 210 years ago - hemp was considered a natural plant of society. Laws were in place to protect the natural herb from prohibition, and for a period of time in Virginia - it was illegal to NOT grow hemp. Laws were put in place allowing citizens to pay their taxes USING hemp - allowing earth and herb inhabitants to live a sustainable life on the herb. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin all supported the movement to industrialize hemp to its full potential, growing and processing the herb themselves. Strong ropes were made, clothes were fabricated, books were written, even the first bibles, flags of independence and constitutions were written on hemp. Hemp was the sacred saviour of humanity - food, fiction and non-fiction, flags, flip-flops and fashionable boutiques all flocked to find the fine fabric flowing from hemp. Mr. Ford even made the Model-T run on hemp-oil-gasoline and even built parts of the vehicle out of wire woven hemp. The US government even promoted farmers to grow hundreds of thousands of acres for the support of our troops during the World Wars.

And then the smoke came - like out of the deep haze of a purple fog - the conspiracy of media manipulation began.

Actin Funny, but I don't know Why
With the onset of industrialization in the U.S., products, oil, plastics and electronics soon became popularized. There Will be Blood identified the insatiable thirst for oil, and the ease of plastic production injected the moulds of consumerism to a country of burgeoning GDP. Then the Hoover vacuum sucked us dry and sucked our fine herb of humanity into the vortexes of a twisted destructive hurricane.

Herbert Hoover was inaugurated as the 31st president of the United States as a Republican in 1929. Hoover had to suck it up, and endure a stock market crash 8 months into his presidency, and never really shook out the cobwebs of the Great Depression, relinquishing his post in the next election. But during this time, the Progressive Reformer appointed a crony of his, Andrew Mellon, as secretary of the US Treasury. In doing so, Mellon, or the mellonhead, cut taxes like no man's business - reducing top income earners taxes from 77% to 25% - an astounding shift in stratifying economics, and a precursor to the Reagonomics we endured in the last quarter of the twentieth century. The mellonhead, as a secretary of commerce, was allowed to appoint the new Elliot Ness of drugs, the father of the War on Drugs, and he appointed an in-law, the guru of ungodly drug use, Harry J. Anslinger. At the same time, the mellonhead began investing in Dupont - a popular plastics and consumeristic purveyor of popularity - and at the same time Anslinger, slung mud and slander at the plants grown from mud with cander.

The REEFER MADNESS campaign began in 1935, entitled - "Marihuana - Assassination of Youth". Targeted at slandering Mary Jane as a violent narcotic, the campaigns depicted extreme violence, incurable insanity and axe-wielding murders as a consequence of Mary Jane's presence - and soon transformed the peace-loving farmers into self-repugnant condescending critics of the herb - all the while billowing a cloud of purple smoke across the dreams of their fore-fathers - four score and seven years is all it took. And the score was never settled - the campaign of terror and fear took hold a nation - it grasped the guts the herb's root, and tore out its humanity without ever being a word of truth. The conspiracy had been conspired - and in 1937, the most useful product humanity could arguably have known - was outlawed.

Years passed, ideologies died, and Mary Jane continued to be persecuted for a crime she didn't commit. But GDPs ballooned, the Great Depression sunk, and plastics and televisions became colourful to our very eyes - we became blind to the purple haze. Infiltrating with Beaver Cleavers and Andy Griffiths, TV plugged our eyes and ears from the truth, and we blindly watched.

Scuse me, while I Kiss the Sky
The truth behind the smoke screen set up by entertainment, TV and Purple People Eaters says that our fine herb is truly a blessing from nature - impregnated here to benefit humanity - not poison us like the synthesized euphoric fabrications of our chemistry sets (cocaine, heroin, LSD) mixed up in the laboratories of our pharmacists. The herb of hemp produces hemp oil, an oil so powerful in it's concoction, that the tanks of our motorized vehicles could be powered by the herb. The herb of hemp cures us of pains associated with glaucoma, the trials of cancer, and the general soreness of our souls. The herb of hemp can feed and clothe us, providing high-protein hemp seed products, or titanium-equivalent durable strength in our clothing. The herb of hemp can even be processed into biodegradable plastics, returning to the earth naturally, as opposed to the near-infinite eternal nature of the black bouillon of petroleum-based plastics. The Herb of Hemp could arguably save our society from greed and corruption - igniting a flame and smoke so powerful that Utopia and Freedom almost seem visible from the distance from the Purple Haze - but the mud slinger that was Anslinger took our biodegradable plastics away - as Dupont cashed in the riches of our freedom, and so the conspiracy is told.

Am I Happy or in Misery - Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on Me
The true nature of marijuana, or Mary Jane's plight, is that it does alter our reality, allowing the user to become more aware of their surrounding and interpret truth and justice in ways our cerebral Left Hemispheres can't do alone. We produced products of synthesized drugs that continued to alter this reality, only to determine that we didn't know what we mixed in the cauldron, or how it deteriorates our minds are realities to dust. And for some reason we lumped the Natural Herb of Hemp into this category - a category of human intervention and mad chemist mixing of products we didn't understand. We now populate a world of science, technology and research that often requires generations to prove or disprove. We've proven that heroin, cocaine, LSD, PCP, Crystal Meth and Ex are all destructive chemical compounds we generated - but throughout the generations, we have not proven that Hemp is a destructive property - we only put a smoke-screen on top of hemp, limiting it's potential to grow and inhabit the Earth like it was destined to be - destined to live alongside humanity profiting only on our happiness and not on our greed. If I were to pray to a higher power - it would be to hemp - hoping that its seeds of hope spreads eternal. I would pray to the Goddess of Mother Earth.

**UPDATE - Researchers at Stanford University have identified a biodegradable plastic consisting of Hemp fibers fused with a biodegradable plastic resin, PHB. The researchers hope that the bioplastic will replace building materials and plastics that currently rely on petroleum-based feedstocks. More information can be found here.

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