Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Circle of Fifths

As I hopped onto the rabbit trail some many Easters ago, I turned my back on the hidden eggs my parents so benevolently hid from me.  It wasn't as though I was unappreciative of my parents' kind nature of crediting a mythical bunny for their generosity, but I had the fortunate encounter with a rabbit hole big enough to fit my imagination - I no longer found significance in the coloured rabbit eggs hiding in the shrub - I'd always get too distracted by the bees buzzing around the berries that were growing on the shrub.  

Chromatic Scaling
So as plums plopped and carrots karyo-typed their message, my rabbit trail ended at a bus stop.  At this bus stop, a Ticketmaster tore of a taped ticket for the ten o'clock boarding to the University of Bunny Concern, or UBC for short.  At UBC, this bunny was concerned with the make-up of karyotypes' make-ups - but it was a surreal struggle for this bunny, as if the transformative processes of metamorphosis that the bunny was studying infiltrated it's karyo-types and the carrots the bunny once craved were no longer edible.  The evolutionaric metamorpholic contraband that poisoned the bunny was perhaps too self inflicted by the bunny beer busts and bunny burger buffets, but the bunny also began the Universal Bible of Carrot Caution - or UBCC for short.  This thesis in bunny boundary definition allow the pain of metamorphosis to be eased by morphic tendencies - cautioning the bunny to beware of carrots Babeling universical tales of evolutionaric mistrust.  But anyways, the entirety of the time spent at UBC was not just about UBCC, but more diving into the depths of rabbit holes and infinite numbers. 

Pitch Class
There, at UBC, the imagination took on a new defined format - mathematics.  The differential formulations defined by the imagination of math told ordinary tales of balance and algebraic braille, but as the UBCC thesis popped it's head out of the rabbit hole, math morphed into differential formulas defined by imaginary numbers predicting ordinate and in-ordinate tales of chaos and limitless life.   What the struggle that this bunny found, was that the world of imagination in math only tried to define boundary-value solutions to boundless problems, the world of bunny rabbits is full of boundfull bruises and problems.  What really threw a loop in the boundless birth of the UBCC was the radially emitted boundaries of circles, or spheres - the imaginative math that defines these boundaries broke open the limitless possibilities of Wonderland.  

Wonderland was a limitless boundary, defined by the shape of a sphere - as more mass is added to the sphere, the hemispherical balance of pressure and gravity pushes back out, growing the sphere in a differential logic that puzzles the mathematician.  With these growing pains, colours and light suddenly made sense, as if a circle dictated all things unknown to me - a circular path surrounding all my surroundings, falling back to a pre-set path as if all things were dictated by an innate sphere - our atoms.  

Equal Tempered Composition
Concurrently, the UBCC thesis seemed to be a collaborative one, as one dark-haired musical bunny once showed me - the circle of rabbit holes and spheres could also be explained by fifths.  One explanation I can offer is to define a circle - it has a start, it has and end, if defined by a datum point (or starting point).  A straight line on a 2-D notepad didn't define a circle, nor does red define the spectrum of light in a rainbow.  If we add more colour to spectrum, or say blue, the rainbow is not yet complete, nor is the circle complete with a secondary line added to the first, or the y-axis added to the x-axis.  Now if any of these lines should bend, a third party is added to the mix or pastels, the bend finds the path back to the beginning, and the circle can be defined - as is the yellow to the cauldron of colour, as if the 3rd ingredient blends up the recipe for existence itself.  The 3rd ingredient, or 3-D, allows things to live in the real, defined UBC.  

What the dark-haired bunny explains, in the midst of circling fifths, is that adding ingredients after 3-D explains the necessity for infinite possibilities to exist.  The dark haired bunny used musical ingredients to the colour wheel, allowing the explanation of music theory to be displayed by the mish-mash of 3-D yellow-blue-red light spectrum.  Compositions of tension, angst, peace and harmony could be made using the colour wheel as guidance, and determined that music, as with colours, as with energy, and as with all things that tripped the curiosity of bunny rabbits down holes were explained by circles.  

Enharmonic Key Signatures
With all good three-dimensional rules and laws, a fourth can always be added to the mix, creating circular bubbles to either burst, or grow serendipitously as if evolution depends on it.  We see examples of fourth laws in thermodynamics, creating the unknown, unbewildered state of entropy - in newtonian laws with the insertion of gravity into motions - and in the colour spectrum with the insertion of darkness... The fourth ingredient seems to be the secret one, allowing the rules or laws or entity to actually exist.  

In the example of spherical proportions, this bunny hopped on the wrong bus for a second - the bright colours and spinning mastery of the Circle of Fifths was too much of a distraction.  But proportionately hopping back onto the UBCC, as a 3-D ingredient is added to two sticks, we kind of get the shape of a triangle - sticking oddly with all geometric angles, heating up the Karyo-typed stew to 180 degrees.   The cooking time for Karyo-typed stew requires time and a count-up (as opposed to count-down), as the three legs of the triangle can be pushed and harmonized counting from 180 degrees twice, right up to a solidly round 360, or 12 moons by 30 suns.   No additional ingredient is necessary for the evolution of a triangle to a circle, just time and space, from 180 to 360, from 6 moons to 12 moons, from 15 suns to 30 suns, and from Karyo-typed to Pro-Karyo-types and Eu-Karyo-typed, like all things evolutionary.  

The Pythagorean Comma
As the evolutionary steps of the UBCC were finalized, UBC burst with admission requests, adding more and more bunnies to the mix.  The response was disturbing to this bunny, as the UBCC continually require more and more evolution to it's tale, as if the 4th ingredient was that of the evil eggplant, poisonous to all bunny rabbits.  But the fourth ingredient was simply a tale of evolution - adding a new balance to be sought, darkness to the colour wheel, zeroth law to chaos, gravity to all things in motion - and an evolved spherical balance of a circle.  So to add a fourth element, or shape to a circle, we dive back into the world of imaginary mathematics (imaginary to this bunny anyways).  

In the event of a fourth part to the circle, either a bubbly burst can happen (Chaos --> Balance), or the circle finds it's own balance, and the sphere grows larger, into bigger bubble.  If more and more fourth elements are added to the sphere, a cone is sustained, creating shapes of carrot-rific proportions and boundaries.  The cone, if permanently sustained, grows roots of reckless fervour, pushing cones into wormholes.  The permanent sustenance of the 4-D ingredient is one that is left to the world of imaginative math, describing tales of cold fusion in thermodynamics, perpetual motion in newtonian laws and interstellar travel through wormholes in the case of rabbit holes.   

The UBCC is a cautionary tale of circular logic and unknown tales that are yet to be discovered.  The thesis of the UBCC never ended at the UBC, evolutionary magic is pushing the thesis beyond 360 suns x moons  into deeper and deeper rabbit holes - internally until the depths of the rabbit hole finds the end...


  1. I like your analogy, who knows, you might spot dalek Alice on your travels through Wonderland! And I see some spiral-like mandala-type themes emerging in your imagery too!

    One small point though ... in the case of the "fourth ingredient" of darkness that you mention, then for daleks, that wouldn't properly be an ingredient at all. Rather, darkness is an "absence of ingredients" ...

    To demonstrate, at night you can just flick a switch and flood a room with light. So yes, that's an ingredient.

    But try this ... during the day, can you just flick a switch and flood a room with darkness ...? No, of course not! :)

    Because darkness isn't a phenomenon in it's own right, it is more properly the absence of a phenomenon ... light.

    You can't just flick a switch and create an instant absence of light (or an absence of anything for that matter).

    Accordingly, darkness is not an ingredient, it is more properly the absence of ingredients. :)

    Oh by the way, I should mention I'm running a bit behind on my blogging today, so I will post that response to your recent comment in a day or so ... gotta go into town tomorrow, so that will hold things up a bit, eergh!

    OK then,
    All The Best!

  2. Ah, yes good point - perhaps then darkness is more attributable to the zeroth law, or as the 1st ingredient to the light spectrum - the 4th is the final tertiary colour...

    my initial thought was to analogize light with matter - i.e. darkness with antimatter - or gravity with antimatter - essentially the things we cannot see but their presence only lives in 4D, or the 'Zeroth Dimension?'

    i look forward to your next post... am busy reading some material by wade frazier - interesting reading...

  3. Yes, the Wade Frazier site looks quite interesting doesn't it, though I must admit it seems to be a blizzard of words - too much for my braincell to cope with today!

    That's because I have been stuck with doing my darned annual accounts this week, as it's the end of the tax year here, so I've got heaps of spreadsheets to initialise for the next financial year!

    It looks like the next dalek post is shaping up to be two posts! ... oh well, that's what happens when these things are allowed to ferment!

    All The Best!

  4. I've posted a link (on left) to a website with more of his work - and yes, it is very time consuming - and very extensive... (like spreadsheets i suppose).

    will look forward to your next posts - more fermentation brings better moonshine no?