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Five Steps to Aphelion

A thought came across my mind a few days back - the career of Will Smith is one of Scient-fictious proportions - Independence Day: Alien-blasting action, Men In Black: Alien-hunting action, I-Robot: Robot-hunting action, I am Legend: Post-Apocalyptic action, and of course, Hitch: the finest piece of Science Fiction ever to grace the good shelves of the video store.  But with smadderings of other inspirational pieces (Six Degrees of Separation, Pursuit of Happiness, Seven Pounds) Will Smith went from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Gene Roddenberry of Distant Planets. It is no surprise to me that his family supports Scientology - his viewpoint on life must be a little enlightened with Asimov and Cruise whispering in his ears (it should be noted that he and his wife are supportive of all religions, and the Smith's do not subscribe to any of life's pre-scripted existences).   

One thing Asimov whispered, was the futuristic world of robotic intelligence.  In this portrayal, Smith played a circular logician at heart by the name of Spooner - who held an innate mistrust of all robots that lived amongst him.  The plot surrounded the Three Laws of Robotics (Asimov added a Zeroth Law, so as to provide similar priority to the Laws of Thermodynamics) - whereby all humanity would be taken care of by robots (insert Wall-E storyline here) - no robot would harm any human in any type of fashion.  But with this plot surrounding Three Laws, a loophole is discovered, only to find that the Three Law system has a hole looped in it - a circular logic nightmare for Artificial Intelligence - Chaos ensues and the Laws are not balanced until Entropy and Chaos are reduced to the Zeroth law, balance.    

Balancing Act
To balance the beam of energy in all things, a beginning and and end are created, and along with way, much similar to the career of the aforementioned Smith, an Existence is formed - central to the soul and nervous system - central to the core of the counter-current creases of plasmic plutonic magma mining it's way through the mantle - everything begins and ends.  Along the way, all of us roam our minds mimicking the soulful wanderer - driving pillars of thought into cortextual regions pushing us to the brink of insanity - or arguably our imaginations.  As we roam the playground of the brain, the search to look inward and outward defines the wanderer.  I realize it's difficult to lump things into two categories, but if we define a datum point, or a starting point, in a three-dimensional world, I can still go in polar-opposites - and along the way wanderers venture off into paths in all their spherical dreams, but a beginning and end do exist, along with a left and right, up and down, and inward and outward.  If we assign the human body as the datum point, or starting point, the search for Existence can be defined as inward, or outward.   The outward search creates definitions of outward, almighty powers - looking into the Heavens in search for any signs.  Stars helped the Maya, Clouds and imagination helped the Theist.  The search inward involved a more 'in'-depth analysis, magnifying the search for the soul into the tiniest molecules of perception.   The search inward is as subjective as the search outward.  Existence is subjective to all definitions.   

To look inward brings on a plethora of other varying subjective definitions - all with the intention to define our actions to predict the future of consequences. Inward looking can be defined by mindful thought, describing the complex balance of chemical and neurons chattering electrochemical signals back and forth - the inward onlooker always describes experiences with definitions of energy beams and auras - the search inwardly always brings the onlooker closer to sentience and balance beams of energy.

Electron Clouds
As the path to inward onlooking proceeds, the electron microscope can mimic Galileo's intentions to look outwardly with the telescope.  The electron microscope can be used to look inwardly, at our atomic structure. Schrödinger defined the atom in waves of energy, and proposed electron orbits is terms of energetic propulsions - rotating at various speeds based on the proximity to the nucleus. An example can be found here (click on the heavier elements to see Schrödinger's waves of electron paths). The paths were then modelled to predict the electron's consequence of orbital pathways - and created the cloud of orbits, as pictured in the model to the left.

So it is evident that all atomic structures, spin - rotating around in a fervor of mass and molecules. If we look outwardly, and seek answers in the Moon and Stars, we would follow traditions instilled by the Maya culture, dedicating our thoughts and charts to mapping the unknown outwardly. It must have perplexed the Maya to a fervor and fear with the conundrum - why do we always see the same face of the Moon?  With all of this spinning and dancing through the skies, why does the Moon remain motionless, as if locked in an ever-lasting fight with the tides of the Earth - the Moon kisses our spinning planet. Is it possible for this conglomerated mass of asteroidic proportions to be the only spin-less species in our Solar System? The answer to this Cynic is a resounding 'no'.

So how does our Moon spin? The subjective aspect to this question sends me on the trip of a lifetime, through space and time, and into the realms of Science Fiction - a topic devoid of time and reasoning, only to be inserted as a 'What-If' category on bookshelves. Through the eons of spinning around the Earth, it's partner, the Moon has balanced its asteroidic proportions to the mass of the Earth, gently floating across the planes of the ellipsoidal paths of orbitals. As molten cores rotated, mountains evolved sending frictional rotations of molecules to the point of contact, delving into the first prokaryotic balances of cell structure. As if gravity were the mixing cauldron, the prokaryotic balance splits via mitosis, one cell drawn to the Moon, one cell drawn to the Sun, and so the cycle endured, re-building to the steps of mother nature and gravity, over and over each strand of deoxyribonucleic goodness. The mitochondrial revolution was afoot - and the Moon towered graciously spinning and engraving its face to our waters - over eons of spinning - the moon finally found the perfect equation to explain gravity's magic - it rotates in proportion to our pull - it spins to match our perfectly sculpted oceans - the magic of spherical orbitals.  

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Farseeing Foresight
The outward search was revolutionized by Galileo Galilee as the telescope was pointed to the stars, rather than into each other's windows - and Galilee brought on a new era in outward searching, no longer reliant on mystical powers and false prophets, the stars told a tale of circular logic and eternal dances - solar orbitals.   The orbitals' dance are almost defined by gears and pulleys, as if an everlasting tension is pulled tight between the moons and planets - always following a path dictated by unseen waves of energy - balance beams of perfection.  With the perfect prom night promiscuously coming to a close, the solar system's balance is one of many.  Populating the night's sky through the telescope's treasures.  Dust, asteroids, belts, Titans, Plutos and Charons can all be found drifting aimfully - all in a circular pattern that only the kaleidoscope can mimic - repeated patterns of infinity, all the orbitals of our solar system map a cloud of balance, a cloud of electronic pulses finding a set pattern dictated by gravity - the unknown almighty.  
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Circulating Logic
Courtesy: NASA/JPL Caltech
I don't often ramble on about being and existence much, but it was quite the experiment in Will Smith's antics as six degrees only separated my random thoughts of Will Smith to Existence to Atomic Structure to the Moon's Rotation to Solar Orbitals.  But with only five degrees of separation I'm left with the though of Will Smith's Men in Black - specifically the final sequence depicted below - it reveals a small glimpse of an existence of the universe, 
where our solar system rotates in the Milky Way, which rotates with other galaxies - which rotates around a defined sphere, or a marble.  

The Sixth degree of my random thoughts involves the electron cloud mimicking the solar orbitals, as the picture of the Electron Cloud closely matches the image above of Solar Orbitals by NASA - as if the inward and outward elements of our make-up are all the same.  Inside, outside, the make-up of our atoms is universal.   As if circular logic could bind all things to the Sixth Degree just the way Perihelion always finds its way back to Aphelion.  

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