Friday, March 6, 2009

Attack of the Acronyms

Science has sculpted the greatest minds into the chapters of everlasting art. Where would DaVinci be without the ever-curious persistence to wonder?  Science panders to the lost search for the holy grail, the meaning of life with Brian that Monty Python had resolved to determined - science is what makes us tick.  A dedication to science could bring prosperity, formulas and everlasting ignorance - a virtue so true that DaVinci's Code itself could not piece together... Policy development and rule for the purpose of controlling individuals, could be argued, is a science of it's own - this code is so uncrackable that the vast majority of us have no idea what it takes to be a political scientist.  These scientist do not require vast studies of differential math nor integrated equations, they do not require courses in biological genetic soup or organically grown chemistry - or even need to be faced with the simple equation E=mcc.  A scientist dedicated to an art degree devoid of science - how paradoxical...  The critical nature of my stance is quenched when I understand the art of political science is actually balanced with equations and numbers, economies and integers - real life people hiding behind their fine mahogany bookshelf - interpretations of the Law and Politics - who wouldn't want a 6-figure job and pension plan set for 15 years?

IQ Test - 24 H in a D
Determining intelligence has become a fine art of political science on it's own.  Through categorization and sometime brilliant conception, an IQ test, in SAT, GED, STD or ABC, can mean strong acid test, gallon equivalent dry weight, standard temperature density or alpha beta gamma to the scientific mind, or stupid aptitude test, grade eleven dysfunction, story time dud or a b c to others... the story can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways as each passing neuron blazes across the electric field - stupid is as stupid does play a mighty fine banjo tune every once and awhile...

IQ tests can grow to be more complex or simple, ranging from either yes/no answers, to complex analysis of images and blot tests - all in an effort to map the wide-ranging human brain into a category of smart or not-so-smart.  As the political science enthusiasts can attest, most civilians can be categorized into labour, trade, supervisory, managerial, executive or drone... As we march to the beating drums of the GDP, we bask in the prosperity of competitiveness and pleasure - our Guanine is bigger than your Cytosine...  It is only during periods of unrest and disruption of the beating drum that will wake up our Cabet's and Montaigne's.   Political scientists scheme political plays ready for the Broadway show displaying all the Mona Lisa's smiles and sorrows...  The political player's personality profile can attest to that... DISC and Myers-Briggs would probably shake out some ENTJs in the classroom...

Duck and Cover?  
Data Analysis Console?
Detroit Athletic Club?
Department Appointed Committee?
Dead Art Calligraphy?
Danger and Caution?
Don't Act Cowardly
Dry Activated Carbon?

Letters, words, wishes and wonderments can be interpreted in a wide variety of Cryptics, English was the spoken word of the day, and english won the race... Political science can also be said to be a Masters in English Language - being able to manipulate words to sound just and right - but beware the Straw Man - he hides in shadows of conspiracy....

A Straw Man analogy is one where you take facts, change one fact and argue that the changed fact is your opinion - they alter reality in their words to disguise a hidden truth.  MPs mince practices by mouthing putrid miming practices while mystifying the people that music was invented by god...  The Straw Man analogy involved a great true north MP saying more birds are killed by cats and buildings than are by black bubbling biscuit tar ponds of the great true north.  The MP said this as if an undergraduate political scientist researched "How to mince meat with words" and chose to study cat hunting and bird squashing against buildings and published his paper just for the press rehearsal... The MP said that the 500 that were slaughtered were over 10 years, when real environmental scientists researched the numbers to be between 8000 - 100,000 dead ducks and geese and goose and ganders every year - the MP put on his straw man hat and did his best scarecrow impression - it's just too bad that the crow had croaked like the frog in the boreal forest of a lost utopia...

Acronyms bunch us into categories only supplemented by the inner scratchings of our brain to the deep subconsciousness of our dreams. If I dreamt of FW I would see faces of whispered flocks of fairies, floating wistfully while waving feathers to free the worlds' fake walls of fortune's wealth. Acronyms test our IQs and EQs, pushing our minds to decode the inner sanctum of our imagination, while labeling us with our true natured passions, NRA, GOP, MSN, NBC.  

The creator of acronyms can weave wires of fabric across the plains of the purchaser in order to mask the true tableau of tapestry beneath the shattered surface. And when the waves of wire ripple in such a fashion that tear the teardrops of the duct work and drains down to the dirt of the bare earth and monkey spit, the cretins will emerge from the cracks and creases to ride the Ferris wheel for one last trip as the cicadas search aimlessly for a quick romp. It's only when the crevices are created so large, that the log cabins are washed out in the soil, flooding the streets of the insects and creating mass havoc and chaos to centipedes and gray billed ducks who eat the grubs. All for a quick buck and a lay...

To act before you think will always leave you on the toilet, head down in the worst pain regurgitating the lost words of a million monkeys... Impatience will kill us all...

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