Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I spend some days thinking of my sleep patterns.  When I rest my eyes, I fall into my subconscious, yet out of nothing, I trigger awake to spend my conscious thoughts with the world.  I Renew myself. 

The subconscious travellings are wonderful bouncing around mysterious worlds with mysterious people.  I always wake up after remembering a dream in complete conscious awe. 

When I do wake up and am stuck in the conscious awe, my consciousness kicks in its programmed neurotransmitters to tell me to drink some water.  And I do.  I recycle my wastes and am off to the outside world. 

It is in the outside world that I see a rat race.  Every one charging and racing gotta get to my desk, file my TCP forms, whens 2 weeks up is my cheque early?  

We do this in an attempt to better ourselves make a living, eat, sleep and worry.  But is this bettering ourselves?  No because we worry.  I worry. 

Things are on a much grander scale of worry at this point on our planet.  We have imbalances in every major theme our global media portrays.  War an imbalance.  Health and Food an imbalance.  Wealth an imbalance.  The environment an imbalance. 

The counterweight to our scale of justice and balance could be technology.  Lets prop it up on the other end of the imbalance  

War, Health and Food, Wealth, The Environment on one side                               Technology on the other side.

War can be eliminated in the concept of free-trade technology sharing.  Every invention is typically patented on a global scale.  Every technology will have value as an invention, and every country will have the opportunity to build what they please.  But balance must be maintained through fair trade of goods.   A global value on food, metals, petroleum, and energy must be adopted, and not adapted, to every one on the planet.  Transportation tariffs will exist, but until we find ways to transport with electricity, the tariffs could always exist.  Once we do this, technology will no longer impede a nation’s prosperity.  The war machines, will hopefully not be needed, because we all share the same thing technology.  Our lines divided now shared with technology.

Health can be improved with the use of Technology.  Antiseptics and medical operations can now save lives and keep people motivated and energetic.  Let’s keep using technology for Health.  This is truly a no-brainer.

Food can be our Garden of Eden with Technology.  Genetic modifications on plants in a controlled environment with minimal chances of contamination are ideal.  We genetically mutate ourselves and our animals let’s leave the magic to the Unnameable.  Humans are quite evolved as it is.  But I can see a Bio-dome.  Not the Polly Shore slapstick, but a Bio-Dome of growth and vegetative mastery.  Recipes can evolve to make the taste of a Brussels’ sprout phenomenal we can also do this with protein-balanced meals that taste like it should taste with the right spices. 

Wealth can be balanced with Technology.  My wealth and your wealth may be two different things, but if we both happy, with our comforts and TVs, and Computers, and Cell Phones, and Movies, and Leisure wealth and technology can be balanced. 

The environment must be protected with technology.  We have to understand our interactions with our environment to protect it with technology.  We have to study and educate others to our environment, and our universe.  When we do this, we can put in place the right technologies for betterment.  I saw a man today be inaugurated that built his platform with words of renewable energies.  If he leads us to a path that can create a renewable cause then we could be balanced. 

I speak of renewability.  My current aspirations are to seek out questions and answers on renewability.  I’d like to understand what materials are necessary at what cost and how many people will it take to build in what time.  When I can understand this, and the benefit of the technology, then I can find my balance.   



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