Monday, January 26, 2009

A Full Moon

It’s pronounced Nu-Cu-Lar

Homer Simpson – a man amongst us all.  His tomfoolery and satire to the outside world – a mastercard commercial on his own.  And the mainstay of his many occupations?

It starts with a spark

From within the neutron, our mass is stored, we keep things in a tight sphere with our neighbouring protons, our positives.  In harmony, we chase each other around, within our spheres, nothing escapes, nothing is created.  Equilibrium.   Our energy and excitement attract other building blocks – our electrons, our sparks.   

The sparks rotate around the nucleus, orbiting and observing from afar, we attract but we repel, in perfect harmony.  The sparks spin themselves into a tizzy, a tazmanian devil gaining speed and power.  The gravity and energy generated from this magic and entropy is suddenly brought to a complete standstill and balance – another atom.  This atom is mystically attracted to the sparks – drawn to a kismet sensation of peace.  As word of this peace spreads, atoms become densely attracted, until the true beauty of a molecule is presented – an element.

 In it’s abundance

Hydrogen is the most plentiful element of the sun.  It is the true purity of an atomic structure – minimal protons, minimal neutrons and minimal electrons.  The tiniest balance of gravity and mass.  This property also lends itself to its explosive nature as well.  Hydrogen releases more heat per mass than any of the petroleum products we burn today.  The powers of hydrogen to provide an eternity’s worth of energy to the sun is one mystery I can’t explain – but we do know it generates heat.   The annual amount of energy we on Earth receive from this mystery of Solar Flux is approximately 3,850,000 x 1015 kJ. 

It its scarcity

Uranium populates the earth with 50 billion tonnes and exists with radioactive properties – the ONLY natural element of its kind.  It dissipates energy.  The image of an inanimate object emitting energy, to me, is one of fantasmic proportions.  A dab of mass, an infinite smidgeon of heat capacity, and the mystical is born.  I would tend to believe that an inanimate object possessing energy and mystical powers would be Supernatural.  Our Kryptonite – it does indeed poison us.

Uranium, when its life is depleted, decays to lead, plumbum.  It first decays to Thorium, Radon, Polonium and eventually to lead.  Throughout these decay steps, energy is continually dissipated, to the point where the microscopic electrons run off into space, and elements materialize to their simpler states of being – inanimate. 

Now one thing I’ve always wondered, if materials like polonium, radon, thorium and uranium dissipate energy – can they not absorb energy?  No, not the stuff that get’s filtered down from the atmospheres to us, the stuff I’m talking about is the raw, energy of solar radiation up in the heavens?   I obviously haven’t done any research on this, as I doubt anyone would be allowed to load up a bunch of uranium on a space shuttle and get away with it.   But my view on equilibrium and the Law of Thermodynamics tells me that actinides (the chemical species on the periodic table) may possess these supernatural powers of energy storage – perhaps from the Sun? 

 Our Superhero

 Faster than a speeding bullet, More powerful than a locomotive, Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Look, up in the sky

The atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945.  The second atomic bomb fell on Nagasaki on August 8th, 1945. 

We have observed the atrocities that could be created, the simple wasting of lives that these weapons have created, yet we continue to build. 


        Uranium Mining % Globally             Country

                25%                                                    Canada

                19.1%                                                    Australia

                13.3%                                                    Kazakhstan         

                8.7%                                                       Niger

8.6%                                                       Russia

7.8%                                                       Namibia

 The approach taken by global threats, is that if you have one – we want one.   Successful atomic bomb testing programs have been conducted as recent as 1998, and could possibly still be in development.    We do we need so many?

“I’m gonna keep swinging my arms and if you get in my way it’s your own fault”

Childish games are sometimes the funest - the ones where you don’t take ownership of your consequences and pretend your right.  Childish games. 

We still play them often – my favourite was Hungry Hungry Hippos.  We’re all ravaging our share from a random path of chaos. 

 They will attack….

These games may have evolved to theories I can’t understand anymore.  War.  We blame, we throw stones, we argue – and for what?  A fair slice of the pie? 

I can understand the concepts of war in global expansion.  We are intrinsically programmed to survive.  We must find a shelter, food and warmth.   I do understand that there are still developing nations out there that abide to these actions, but I don’t understand why developed nations dispute.  Developed nations that develop nuclear armaments. 

If we are developed enough to arm ourselves and protect ourselves, why do we need war?  Are we expanding our borders?  Are we getting more territory for our population?  If I stay in my neck of the woods, and don’t throw a stone or speak blasphemy and trust that our handshakes in trade are honourable – I’ll trust that you won’t throw a stone or speak blasphemy and will honour our handshake. 

This would seem to work – but why would it otherwise fail? 

My only explanation is an entropic one – Greed.

Plain and simple.  Thermodynamics causing chaos again. 

 Down the Well

So I dropped my stone.  Will you still throw at me?   Do you still have hatred enough to pillage and rape?

Uranium has a source – it is mined.  Those that are mining this precious, supernatural element, Please ensure its safety is kept in mind.  Perhaps send it to the heavens and observe its magic.  Far away from us – to the Moon Alice! 

Uranium can be used – it is non-renewable.  This resource, once depleted or utilized – is non-renewable.  It is destroyed, and it can destroy with its powers.   War must serve a different purpose than it is today before we can dispose of this material.  We have to think of better ways to diplomatically feed a world, clothe a world and warm a world.  Balanced with equations and equality and thermodynamics. 

I can see the Full Moon tonite.   I’ll be watching to see if it falls…

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