Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Knock Knock

Who’s There?  Justice.   Justice who?

Is this the right door on which we knock?  Will the right tenants answer our calls?  Have we finally been pushed to the level of suffering that our compassionate twitches take over?  Justice for all – peace for you and me and harmony will prevail.

Humanity needs to answer this call.  Those without suffering must answer this call and bring to justice those who inflict and break the Laws.  The Laws are in place to serve, to protect and to endure.  If the laws are broken, how can we expect the unrelenting servitude to endure?  It cannot.  The escalation over my lifetime is incredible.  The number of times I’ve observed large-scale back-door actions take place without their consequences being balanced and harmonized scares the living bejesus out of me.  How can someone get away with this?  The justice system is flawed. 

This could possibly be exemplified in our management and resolution to the so-called financial crisis.  Those at the top of largest banks in America chose to continue to proliferate their profits, all in a blind servitude to a system that is flawed.  These so-called executives are not being punished, they are being rewarded – is this the correct consequence to decades of un-just action?  Does this executive really need the 25,000 square foot home or 2009 Mercedes C-Class?   Do they really need this amount of comfort?  I would not feel comfortable with these daily reminders of my corruption.   These are rewards – rewards for the mindless allowance for the rich to get richer, and poor to be poorer.  Can the real Joe Six-Pack please stand up – or are you too worried of your home foreclosure?   This action is unbalanced, it is not abiding to my Laws.  How can justice be served?  How can the corrupt defend themselves from the hand that will deliver them from evil?  Instead these executives are receiving bail-outs.   Bail – a form of property deposited or pledged to a court in order to persuade it to release a suspect from jail.  The executives are being RELEASED from jail as opposed to OCCUPYING it.  So is this the corrupt protecting the corrupt?  Is this justice?   The bailout will inject hundreds of billions, perhaps trillions into the banking system.   Each and every one of us should be able to receive a loan again – to assume debt, and to owe money.   Meanwhile, those at the banks will continue to receive their penance at the top, feeding the Federal Reserve with the control of an empire.  They need to be prosecuted.  Justice won’t seem to answer this one.

A man with the right vision for contempt of this enterprise is the good Dr. Ron Paul.  I admire his followings daily at ronpaul.com – and although it seems he has been beaten down with slander, meandering and back-door politics, he continues to believe in justice.  There seems to be hope.   Knock knock...

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  1. Well said keep doing this. You lost me on thermodynamics. This was easy I need easy!