Monday, January 12, 2009

The Ass and the Asinine

If Joe had his way there wouldn't be any journalism anymore - he's doing a pretty good job showing us why it's asinine.    I can't get over how little this guy really knows about anything.   First off, you got your own name wrong - then you tell us that Obama can't get you a plumbing business, and now, you've got a microphone in your face telling us that people shouldn't report bad news.    The bad news is that they sent you to do it!  Do you have a deficiency of iron in your diet Joe?  Is that why you don't understand irony?  Sadly, I think you'd believe it.  

To go over there and spout off that you can see the courage in people's faces - why can't you see their fear?  Wrong side of the fence I presume.  Of course they look courageous, they don't have a machine crushing their children and hospitals!   I really dig your courageousness as well Joe - you seem to have this shit-eating grin on your face anytime that stick up your ass is adjusted by your puppeteer.  What did you mumble - they must take quick showers?  Reporters don't mumble Joe - oh yeah, I forgot you've got a crack up your ass...

This guy runs around like he's the figurehead of a nation.  Is this really what we're like?  Is he really representing what a regular Joe-Six Pack thinks, eats, breathes and shits?  If so, I give up!  Kick me off the island, vote me off the tribe, I am the weakest link!  If I have to trust that my media comes from this ass, I'll vomit up the kool-aid he made me drink.

Your propaganda has to end - I don't want people to think they've found their Straw Man Prophet.


  1. no ambiguity here This dipshit and Sara are 14 minutes past midnight. With any luck these are the new folksy GOP faces of the future, you dont need to be performance driven just out there catapulting the propaganda

  2. I hated giving grace to their 15 minutes, but enough is enough - the GOP's 11th hour is here! Thanks for pointing out that the trash needs to be taken out - it stinks!