Friday, June 5, 2009

Propagating Propaganda

When my knees were skinned, nose was runny and grasshoppers bounded as high as my eyelids - the world and it's grass and green growth was such a fantastic place of smells and wonder - the wind never seemed to catch it's cool breeze, and the radiative forces of the sun could never deter the cells of my skin from sore-ing - there was too much to see and do in the trails of forests, paths of creeks and wisps of wind... Yet as I aged through the pre-programmed dictation of my mitochondrial nature, things began to become meaningful and understood - an innocence lost found it's way through textbooks. 

Nursery Rhymes
During the days of shoeless gravel walks and disregard of any preoccupation for knowledge - my instinctual habits of exploration and curiosity were always bombarded with 'life-lessons'.  Some of these life lessons were learned on my own, but many others, were inferred, assured, preached and prodded into me - some of the more puzzling crypts involved nursery-like proverbs intended to guide a young one's perceptions of life - What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander.  Now, it took me some time as a youngster to determine what exactly a gander was, and honestly as the twinkle of curiosity tweaked a brain cell - I did need a little 'splainin on its inner meaning - but the life lesson learned out of this proverb provided a look into an equally divided world of yes and no - ganders and gooses being of equal share.  

As the Autumns passed by and leaves continually lost their colour year after year, the spectrum of complexities reared its uglyness as it transplanted into my head - things changed - that innocence of yes and no turned to contempt of right and wrong...  the world of words and messages, texts and rituals, rights and passages filled the bookcase in my cortex - and as the world posted messages on the billboard ads of life, what's good for the goose didn't really mean it was good for the gander... 

Sublimation occurs when matter 'skips' a step, so to speak... It is enhanced as the pressure of the earth's atmosphere decreases, or as conditions approach near-vacuum like states.  In essence, a 'void' is created in the prescribed notions of 'Earth' life as matter loosens the molecular bonds in an escape towards chaos... As the molecules of a solid mass loosen, they typically become 'bendable', taking the shape of any mold and flowing towards the path that gravity dictates, but as 'normal atmospheric' pressure decreases, or things become closer to a state of 'emptyness', the bonds stretch, pushing past the bendable liquid states transcribed by chemistry - and into the airs and space as a gas, essentially skipping the step of becoming a liquid...  

The sublimation of elements and compounds ignores the rules of shapes in the gas-liquid-solid realm, and lives in a mysterious, cloudy world.  Gooses and ganders, in the state of subliminally structured words, enter a state of perplexing complexities, as if 'skipping a step' in logic dictation - the truth behind the words states that geese and ganders live in equality, but as the goose begets the gander, the message can also infer that geese choose for the ganders, ganders are subservient to the geese, and that this nursery-like proverb needs to fly off in the winds with the flocks... the proverb may be full of sublimated messages...

Tensile Intentions
One life lesson I once never understood, was why people had to work... It seemed like this task and chore had no end, no real meaning - the steps were simple, go to school, get a job, get a home... yet riddled along the way were the concepts of wealth and expansion, lessons passed down from our pioneering forefathers.   The propagating method of these lessons were widespread, as the three simple steps involved ever increasing layers of subtleties and hurdles - electronics, clothing, internally combustible engines became labels of wealth and ego - all underlining the mass accumulation of wealth as the primary driver behind the wheel.  The campaign to propagate wealth's accumulation to singular points of entity was widespread as I grew ever increasingly cautious of best intentions paving their way hell... 

In November 1939, The Times of London published a 3-piece article by John Maynard Keynes, a renown British economist.  The article comments that increased spending during World War I resulted in an inflationary boost to products, which impacted lower-to-middle class labour... Keynes intentions calculated a nation's resource production, summed the difference of imports to exports, balanced the requirement of in-house maintenance, stashed some away for militaristic inventions - and anything left over at the end of the day would go be spread out amongst the people.  The result was a key ingredient to balance an economy and ultimately 'Pay for a War'.  Lower to middle class would be greater protected from recessions through taxation and compulsory savings, while the progress and growth could be tracked and monitored as if the stock ticker were invented at this very moment - the GDP emerged from the pages of the newsprint to usher a new era of industrial endeavours - international trade suddenly felt two cojones drop from its groin...

Expanding Viewpoints
Since the true advent of growth progress indicator, war continues to be a staple of progress in the history books being penned.  The GDP provides the perfect measure to ensure defense spending has a home in protecting us from our far neighbours across the seas.  We approach our acceptance of this through the mentality, or propagation, that at some point in time, we will be attacked... It seems to be this innate sense that if we don't watch our backs, we're vulnerable.  

I've often wondered what reactions are truly innate, and which are extrinsic - what 'life-lessons' are real, and which have been sublimated into day-to-day life.  I wonder how much would change if we changed what we read, eat and drink - what messages we choose to ignore - and what consequences we find from our causes...  We're continually expanding our knowledge of our steps - finding more and more sinkholes in the previously paved lot - but as Springs continue to pass, extrinsic ideals loosen, pushing off into the atmosphere, completing its sublimated path - and as the pressure subsides from the vacuum of sublimated ideals, equilibrium is restored with an alternated viewpoint. 

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