Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mirroring Messaging

I'm living in a city of idiots. Numskulls, cretins and degenerates...

Trickled Pricks
I read the news - it's a daily activity programmed by routine that allows a trickle in my receptors to activate a response sequence. It's often a strange one - as normally, my response sequences are only manifested after action-reward pathways - but some times - I read the news to torture myself. I must first admit checking international news and dailies is a fun alternative to daily droning, but as home-grown as it gets, I can't get enough of what's happening in my neck of the woods, my corner of the lot, my plot on the lease, my stool in the bowl. Or perhaps in this case, I should say stools in the bowel.

Connotated Cratering
A little bit of background information before I begin, as you can choose to close this window off, should your interest close quickly like the mind of many who disagree... I'm a believer in the effects of Global Warming (although not a believer in it's 'scary' connotations). It took me awhile to convince myself, but as I studied how states of matter changes from solid to oxidised gaseous ones - I quickly realized - wow - it does happen - all from the organic molecule - the molecule of life itself. Organic molecules usually consist of a Carbon, an Oxygen, and a Hydrogen - sometimes Nitrogen and Sulphur are mixed in there. When an organic molecule is exposed to air, or oxygen, it oxidizes, breaking the tiniest bond with brethren, and forming a new structure of order. The organic molecule decomposes - continually being bombarded by oxygen and outside energy sources, the organic molecule turns into stardust - Products Of Combustion --- CO2 and H2O, carbon dioxide and water. Of these two stardusted materials, one possesses sublimated abilities to reverse itself, evident in water's curious triple point, and condense into clouds and life-giving sustenance from gravity and absence. The other, CO2, remains billowing in the atmosphere, slowly leaching it's way into the water cycle, ever so gently waiting the opportunity to soak up the sun, ebbing and flowing into the veins and branches of another life form, back into earth.

Petroleated Pathways
The path for CO2 to ebb and flow into trees is a slow one, and one immediately concentrated to locations where trees are present. As we currently stand, we are transforming lush areas into areas where trees no longer stand, and our ability to recycle, reduce and reuse our CO2 is being left out in the curb.

So as organic molecules churn chemical equations and reaction kinetics into combustible energy and petroleated function - we've created a surplus. I balanced these numbers back in bouncing bunny days, but it works out that we're generating a surplus of oxygenated organic molecules in our airs. You see, CO2 doesn't reverse-sublimate, or condense like it's fellow POC, water. It stays billowing until it ebbs and flows. And if we cut off it's vein to the ebb, the flow is disrupted and stays as an eternal piece of our puzzle.

The final strati graphed datum point, is our sun. The sun beats down on us with an ever-lasting beam of gentleness. Our skins have adapted to soak or shade, based on our proximities to it geographically - as minute degrees of latitude bring more radiative solar forces. The light energy rides this magical wave of radiation that soaks into any real, identifiable piece of matter - the sun doesn't discriminate between gas-liquid-solid like we do - it simply exists to supply everything around it with all the energy to live - it is most definitely a key ingredient to the complex organic molecule. The sun will attach it's spectrum of light on any particle floating in the atmospheres - in doing so, it will also heat up any evolved particle of oxygenated carbon. The more carbon present - the more energy soaked - the more carbon present - the more the globe continues to heat in peculiar locations.

The most peculiar item that petroleated combustible products generate in their fabrication, is a localized spurt of energy in heat - the magic of the internal combustible engine, home furnace or BIC lighter. All these combustion reactions generate this little burst of solar magnificence - fire. As fire occur, a bridge is gapped between real and ethereal - mystical and forceful - structured and chaos - heat is generated. Now the thing about matter and energy, as thermodynamics explains - is that it is neither created nor destroyed - balanced nor unbalanced - it simply exists. Matter and energy can be transformed, but as heat exists - it cannot escape our atmosphere - it is bound and trapped by the tropospherical lock from our spinning magnet - heat is normally recycled in the delicate balance of dark and light, polar to radial, green to blue.... But as we continue to pump and pay, we emit and heat. We heat the immediate areas around us simply by driving - we, by definition, globally warm things by breathing.... we cannot be prevented from doing this....

Message Mirrored
As bowels imitate bowls, and contain the filth of our digested remains of organic materials, pressure builds to the point of shit storms. What I've read in my local news is that my community refuses to acknowledge a daily routine - the daily routine of pumping microwatt after nanojoule of minute trickles of energy into an increasingly reflective heat blanket. That we do this, day in and day out, we don't acknowledge that our overpopulation, consumerism and expansion is globally warming our surroundings. We exist as these heat pumps, circulating blood and oxygen, releasing kJ after kW of irreversible heat - and we refuse to acknowledge it. The scary part of global warming shouldn't be its consequence, its connotations of fear mongering, or its ability to get a book published - the scary part is the lack of acknowledgement. In my sink in the stool, or whatever connotation it is, people don't get it - an article published in my paper today was commented by our majority - our majority of numskulls - our majority of blind cynics who refuse to question a thought, and who cry wolf of Eco-terrorism and fear-mongering hippies, and whose hypocritical views are quenched by the drip drop of oil in their full bellied buckets carving roast after roast on the spittles of consumerism. What bothers me most, is the hype and games of hide and seek the media in my neighbourhood plays to quell the masses from music - activism in a world of watchdogs and witchhunts is limited to the confined space in the corner - freedoms of speech are easily edited by editors in charge - and so the news of today and tommorow is being spoonfed to the innocent...


  1. An eclectic choice of images and themes again cc'd, always interesting, and indicative of a well-developed holistic Mindpole!

    Yes, following the news can be tortuous can't it ... for myself, I mostly refrain from troubling myself with the goings-on of the outside world these days, for it turns out that such information has no relevence to my dalek endeavours one way or the other!

    It seems difficult to determine whether a surplus of CO2 will turn out to be benign or malevolent. If we are abiding within a relatively short-lived 'inter-glacial' warm period, then extra CO2 could be a blessing in disguise. There again, the consequent acidification of the oceans does not bode well for marine lifeforms at the foot of the foodchain, as it apparently compromises their ability to build sufficiently rugged carbonate shells and suchlike. And this would be 'a very bad thing' for barnacles!

    There again, a transition from carbon-based life to silicon-based life may render such matters of chemistry inconsequential as far as the phenomenom of life itself is concerned ...

    Oh, and Thank Q! for signing the dalek Guestbook :) ... Yes, the structure of the i-Magi-Nation seems to have firmed up now, though I've said that before and subsequently gone through another round of tweaking! ;) But this time it seems to have settled - the result of a recent dalek grumble, where it turned out that quite a few readers thought the Introduction was the entire blog, and were oblivious to the existence of the subsidiary blogs. So the recently-introduced button menus were set up to correct that misperception, and seem to have done the trick.

    There are quite a few posts lined up, though it can be tricky to decide what to post next, because as they interlock with each other, individual posts tend to be 'out of context' without their accompanying bits and pieces! So posting may proceed sporadically from here on in, but I will figure out how to proceed in due course!

    All The Best!

  2. Yes, the dalek lifestyle is one I'm quite jealous of - calculating, analyzing, prioritizing... although I do these things for a living, for some reason I like to 'relax' by reading the news... but never turns into relaxation...

    Anyways, I do realize the CO2 issue is TBD, and for all intents and purposes, is a coin flip... But at this point, I've concluded petrochemical use for combustion is driving levels upwards where heat 'soaking' can occur. If we are headed to an ice age at some point, we've perhaps discovered the answer to overcoming a severe 'global cooling' ... we could burn off all our petroleum stockpiles then and flood the atmosphere with warmth (and possibly avoid cataclysmic volcanic eruptions - as the normal mantle and crust disruptions dictate)... but if we aren't on the cycle of increased cooling, and are going up the slope of the cool/warm sine wave, and knowingly increasing the concentration of an airborne heat capacitor, then we're in for one big whirlpool...or other 'flushy' type image...

    Anyways, yes, the transition to a 'silicon-based life' would change things, quite dramatically... and it's quite remarkable how close carbon and silicon are in bonding ionization potential... carbon's been the staple behind evolution, photosynthesis and thermal balancing - and unfortunately as well, evolved to the state that it's currently in...

    silicon life may be a well-deserved break for awhile...

    Anyways, thanks again for the progressive comments ... all the best to you too..