Thursday, April 19, 2012


So here we are.  My time at 11,880 rotations through space, 360° by 33.  At this moment in time - with my tiny brain still processing, and my heart still beating, I seem to use this format to log my digitally stored neurotic impulses throttling from my frontal and cervical nerves - my records to interpret our current statuses of our being.

A moment of time was stamped some 724,068 rotations ago - and as I go along with the spin, I drop these pieces of crumbs to pick up when I am lost in numbers and nosedives - when my numbers move in magnetically-induced messes which then murk the marks and moments in my time.

Lately, most of my moments are at work.  I count for a living. I remember for a living.  I write for a living and I talk for a living.  I can't always talk to most people about things that matter to me - - so I have this thing where I hold interest in the mundane topics of the world to vaguely fake interest - - all the while wondering what future is in store for them.  For most I see status-quo types - - those that have given up on a dream and have accepted that que sera sera and we live for only a short time - - the non-dreamers.   Then there are the dreamers - - those who dream of some future that is always beyond their grasp - - almost reachable, but always not quite - - these are the dreamers.  And then there folks who I think I fall into - - the Observers.   Those who watch.

I may talk for a living, but I watch to observe. I observe and think.  And what I think I have found is those who either dream or don't dream narrow their views to the point that it is all about them or theirs - - and we're now at a moment in my time where we could move backwards in our times - - backwards to a narrower viewpoint that is not good for the progress of our local society - we're on the slippery slope to the times of our forefathers - - and this is not the future I think we should be laying the foundations for.  The future is not the times of our forefathers - - and our elected planners of our future should not be allowed to push us backwards.   That is what I mostly observe during my times of work.  Backwards is fine for the status quo-ers.

In four more days, the province of Alberta may go backwards in time.  We might elect a government system that will be tied to the religious right - we might elect our pastors and good neighbours.  Those who are polite, yet if are not agreed with, are left to be cast judgement on when they think the time is right.  And they want to try to fix our problems when they don't realize something - - the problem is them.

Bubbles and Bouillons and Bullions
I'll start with some expanding principles - - a bubble perhaps.  We are in a Wealth bubble.  I don't hear that much - - a Wealth Bubble you say?  We'll - - it's the concept that Wealth, an imaginary concept don't forget... Wealth is the perceived notion that you own more than the next guy.  It's what makes us wealthy - - and make us poor - - but it is all imaginary.  Have you ever in your life had all of your own cash in your walls? Ever? That's because we have don't have enough to give it all back to the walls!  If every person on this planet were to empty their bank accounts to hide in the walls - - we couldn't do it.  There would not be enough money to give to everybody.   They, the banks, borrowers, bridge builders and legislative assemblers of course, have too many debts.  And... well...not enough deposits.  Welcome to debt - - welcome to wealth.  This is the game.  Play it.

But the funny thing is - - it is just a game.   Our wealth, and wanting of wealth, is just a way to divvy up the masses.  Some are at the top -- some are at the middle -- and some are at the bottom.   Our class welfare system.  We welfare the bottom -- we prop up the middle with more debt -- and the wealthy are made by the millions...

But we're a world in the billions.  And we are global.  And we are hungry.   We are thirsty.  And we are getting hot and bothered.

But in  four  more days, the province of Alberta may go backwards in time.  We may allow money manipulators continue to be money manipulators - - and we will continue the pasts behaviour of accepting poverty as a reality and the status-quo.

Blowing in the Gentle Wind we Expand
And as we expand we blow.   We blow the air out of reason and consideration, hypothesis and theory and enter the expansion of the science.  We may go backwards in time in four  more days, to find that our scientists are wrong, and our that our methods of persuasion are fine.

Our status-quo may be drinking some 'proverbial fat, glass jar, sunglasses wearing dude'-aid.  When we burn our fuels, we create this thing called combustion - - a release of heat.  So when heat is released in this chemical path, it leaves behind a trail of energy that excites the molecules around it, and raise the temperature only for the temperature to disperse in the air.   The beauty of thermodynamics, yet entirely invisible.

Yet what happens in the short temperature increase, let's say at the exhaust of your car (and the exhaust and engine can be hot can't it?).  A temperature release is made. Not much - - but if you remember the laws of thermodynamics, energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferring forms.   So when we burn, it dissipates into all the molecules in its surrounding with a wave of new heat and energy from the recent exothermic chemical reaction.  And when we heat, we transform.  We transform air waves, sound waves and radio waves.  Heat does effect us.  And we are heating with our burning.

A single candle in a balloon would suffice. But just imagine the balloon is big - - and that Gravity is the glue that holds the bubble together - - a universal force that keeps our boundaries firm.  So when a candle fills the balloon - -what is the end result (and of course use your imagination and imagine a tiny candle that always burns, but just not hot enough to burn and burst the bubble - - imagine if we burst this gravity bubble - - whoa).  Anyways - - the candle will burn, ever so slowly adding the mass of molecules into the balloon.

So as we burn the candle, we heat the balloon - - heat and heat - - and remember, heat is trapped with more molecules in the air to trap it, all thanks to 0.8 kJ/kg.K heat capacity of carbon dioxide, which is the every increasing molecule in the balloon, of course.

So when we fill and fill and heat and heat - - what do you think the balloon will do?  Pop of course, silly!!! Balloons and bubbles pop silly!!!

But the beauty of the balloon we live on... is that it soaks as well.  It soaks in excess stuff called CO2 silly.  It soaks up in trees and our grass and our palms and our beaches.  But the thing is Danielle, is that we can count silly!   We can count and count the ways that CO2 is soaked up... we can count and count the times that we burn to burn...  And when we count what we burn to what we count when we soak - - we worry.  We worry that we will heat and heat and burn and burn.  And in   four  more days, we might go back in time and look down - - we don't want to see what's in our future.  Unless we panic now.  We need to panic to fix the problem.  I wish people would listen - - I wish they would read - - and I wish they will depress the remote button's off setting to stop that broadcast and interrupt everyone from this reruns of skanks and banks to bring you this important message - - or we are fucked.  But not for another 100 years or so, so what the fuck do I care now for, anyways?  Not my problem...   four  more days.

Yee Haw
Four more days until we go back in time to persecute and persist.

In the last two days - - two pastors, and one statement: What the fuck!?!   I mean, what the fuck?   These guys preach patience and kindness, and they go out and flaunt in public that they have a ethnic advantage and that others will burn in hell if we don't think the same way.  Four more days and we go back in time...   What the fuck...  we cannot go back on our future.   I mean, WTF, OMG, WTF!!!

Two-Steppin Sweatheart
So in  four  more days - - we find out if $300 is worth a vote, and if the promises of less waiting and more money will come true.   In four more days we find out if this is just a short chapter in the evolution of a generational shift in attitudes and hip replacements.

Yet it will be much more that four more days until we find out if the numbers of bigots and hicks will dwindle into the melting pot of a multinational province, and we finally accept our global environment and take steps towards finally fixing the problems.   It could be 36,000 more spins... it could be less... but for now, we four days closer to 2050 and beyond....

yee haw - - yeeeee haaawww!!!

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