Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Lesser Wiseman

As my laptop flashes warnings to ‘Solve PC 4 issues’ while rhythmically activating pixels to march in command, I sit here weathering news of new days bringing a calm before the storm and grimace as my tension headaches persist to ease me into the pain.

Our ministers and their cabinets of costumed displays of prowess have been at their helm for just shy of a year to this day. They’ve gavelled and garvilled, craptioned, and crewfoot, marvelled and mivelled, all the while eating their green eggs and ham.  And what they are accomplishing will reshape how Canadians are perceived.

with a Penny on his Name

Our Canadian Economy has been clustered into a single name brand: Oil. 

We sit on the 3rd largest reserve of recoverable, upgradeable, refineable, burnable source of liquid energy known on our globe.  We have it, there's lots, you needs it, and our message is: take it now!  It took eons to cook and bake under the pressure of the earth with its gentle decay, but we can't get this stuff outta the ground faster for that quick hit to our blue, purple, green, red and our Sir Robert Bordens staches'.

In order to pump this stuff faster than Technonic pumps up the jam, we're trying to cram it down to our coastlines.    Our arms are extending from shore to shore to ship the shipwrecked remains of bacterial growth.  We’re sending out our keystone lights, larges and supersized gateways.  We’re hurrying because we have to: the global connection is starting to occur and global problems are being recognized to be relatable to our precious growth.   We're hurrying because Our Economy depends on the precious growth.  We're hurrying because they want the quick easy dollar.

has Often Offered, Offshore Onslaughts

Canada’s foreign ownership is what drives our economy.  In 2009, $1.4 trillion of assets located within our pacific to atlantic shores are owned by foreign companies.  In that year, $860 billion of operating was generated by those foreign companies and $47 billion of profit was shipped across our fences.  Profits equivalent to 3.9% of our GDP were shared by non-canadians.  We’ve sold our economy to make people outside of our borders rich.

But when the engine that drives the machine slows, and with the foreign investors being used to fast cars and smooth engines, they may be turning in their keys knowing the engine only runs on one fuel – our good ol’ fashioned sar-sas-pa-bid-amin.  If we can’t keep fueling our fires to run our economy, for instance if our fire is causing too much smoke that irritate the global heaters to debate, then we might stop shopping.  And when we stop shopping, it might be because our debt ceilings can’t go any higher… or are we already on that escalator to the top floor of the BOC...

In any regard, we owe money… a lot of money.  More than we’ve ever owed.  And now we might not be able to get money as easy as we used to.  Mortgage offerers used to trust us so much, we could tell them any reasonable salary and be handed the key to our brand new houses and till pits.   As part of this generosity and offering of trust, we have bloated our bullion boxes to limits that has pushed our protectors to new levels of insurability.  We have bloated our boxes so much, that even as our big banks and priced ticket providers booked big bucks while our employment bumps higher and higher, we took on more and more to owe and owe.  The big banks bucked the trend of slumping afterthoughts to cash in on the cash cow while the cash cow curdles its milk.  And with the expiration date soon approaching, the sour taste it is going to lead will leave our lead ministers and lead cabinets wondering what went wrong….

, Holding the warmth
There are books on HTML, JavaScript, Java, ActiveX, and all sorts of other geeky subjects. But not only don't you need to understand these things in order to set up a Web site you can read a dozen such books, and you still won't know everything you need to do.
124 kilotonnes at a time, we plug and play our way to selling our souls.  124 times a few dozen equals the pace of development in our oilish-sands.  This means a few megaton or two – and I am talking about that dangerous, acidic gas again, the hot air with some carbon copied spewing from our pipestacks.  Its been correlated to our seas and leveled the playing field with a stark realization that we could be purposely poisoning ourselves with a bitter pill … but it contradicts our model.

We need to puff, and to keep up the puff, we need to huff.  So when we huff and huff the puff in a gruff to make it seem like it's tough for geeky stuff like science to cuff any GHG fluff to our well beings being rough... we end up hiding true stuff...

is Sparing Some Dollars
Profits drive wealth. Profits provide an assurance food is fed and wine is drank.  All is merry when profits proliferate.  But the profit has been proven to be pushed towards the persons in the ponzis... while the persons in the pyramid are charged their purses and their pursuits of happiness to populate the particles which pressurizes the bubble.
We moving towards a new era in the timeline of economic development.   One which will be clouded in the coffers of a new class system.  A division is occurring.

In the short time that ministers have spared their 2 cents, we changed our laws... we changed our oversight... we changed our habits and we changed our minds.

We claimed we were the best in handling our money, as we were told that our systems were protecting us.   But in the coming weeks and months our protection systems will keep watching us lose more and more for less and less.  These will be hard times in the country that proclaimed it was the best.  And will be far from image that we perceived ourselves to be...

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