Thursday, April 30, 2009

In the name of Sacrifice

"Seek and ye shall find"

This saying has never meant anything to me in my lifetime.  What am I seeking, and what do I do if I find it?  My upbringing was one of Nintendo, disposal cameras and corner-store candy - the only things I sought were labelled on afternoon cartoon episodes of Bugs Bunny and Batman.  I'm somewhat thankful my parents left out popular teachings of xtianity out of my eardrums.  But this passage, in my absent knowledge of it's saying, seems to have taken on a new meaning in the context of modern society - the Seekers have become finders, with the finders being keepers and ultimately destroyers - we have turned these words of religion and enlightenment into a profitable purpose of "seek and destroy".  

In the effort to "seek and destroy", an army assembles itself with rank and file, executives at the top, mailroom, labourers and janitors at the bottom.  The generals, or executives, choose who to sacrifice and who to save - all in the blind faith and servitude to the almighty power - profitability.  Sacrificial lambs are reared in by the shepherd, all with the cloak conceiling the inner wolf that hides within... 

Those that survive the turmoil of "seek and destroy" profitability are also included in providing pennance to the almighty - they can prove their faith and servitude through martyrdom, or their god-given right to sacrifice their incomes and pensions for the sake of the almighty - the sheep can choose to have their coats cut for the shepherd's slice of the pie.  

In the name of Sacrifice, these choices are never easy.  The generals and commanders sacrifice the summer beachfront properties or 36' Bayline cruiser, while the sheep sacrifice their warmth, shelter, food and general means of living.  It is all in the name of servitude and blind faith.  However this sacrifice is far from serving a greater good - I would rather see mouthes fed than fat cats in speedos...  These sacrifices are in the name of Aztec human sacrifice, where the sacrificial lamb may be either aware or unaware, but most definitely in disapproval.  The sacrificial names of Chronothusia are no longer valid - the purpose of a greater good is clouded with dollar figured smoke and mirrors.

The sacrifices we make on a day to day basis are never self-serving, otherwise a rose by any other name could not be sold on Valentines day - but sacrifices are instead, imposed upon us.  It is difficult to battle against the shepherds that incessantly knock on our steeples, and the battle against an oppressive shepherd only results in hoof stomps and finger bitting.  Flocking to greener pastures may provide safe haven, however finders have become keepers and/or destroyers, and the greener pasture is grayer and cloudier these days... But try as they might to shave your coat, the cloak of Chronos may turn the ticks of time in your head until the moment comes where you decide to never sacrifice for the words of others - sacrifice would be a name long forgotten, where the finders will never keep, and the seekers will never destroy.

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