Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I was once told at a young age that patience is a virtue.   Even at that young age, I understood the concept of patience, and was taught to mind my surroundings, and especially mind others with conscious thoughts and feelings.   It took quite some time to understand the control of patience and the ability to cope with the vices that feed its antithesis, or insecurities.   However over the years, I never came to understand the concept of a virtue, or personal character and integrity.  I’ve always believed we were a product of our surroundings, and that virtues, or self-reflections, can be trained, or imparted.   Scepticism has been creeping in…

I recently have spent time observing – people, interactions, nature, and instincts at exhaustion.    Observation has always been a constant, and I like to maintain that it’s been my superpower – a Batman fighting corruption in a sense.  Actually, my observations have not been recent, but over my lifetime of thought.   It wasn’t until recently that I came to the realization that my observation and patience weren’t due to my self-consciousness or introvertedness, but my ever-present curiosity to wonder ‘why is this like this’?   I never asked, but I did wonder.  To summate my realization: patience, observation and curiosity - my meaning.   With this tri-fecta, my scepticism has grown – have the falacies of faith and greed impacted the ability to impart meaning to its full extent?  I don’t think so – my spidey senses tingle that knowledge and teachings can overcome this, however I’ve always felt these unpopular beliefs are not portrayed in a media friendly structure…

At this point in time, which I also find to be a fascinating subject – thank Einstein and Hawking for that, I’ve felt an appeal to activate myself – to discuss, to think, to expand.  We are living in times that are corrupt and conceited which are against human nature or virtues that are true.

A wise fool once taught me that contemplation is the epitome of the human brain.  Spend time in reflection while others are speaking, but given the right time, a voice will one day bring peace.   I’ve finally been inspired to express my voice…


  1. Thanks for coming on board Ive read your post and I believe we have much in common. I think we had the same wise fool because mine told me.
    When you are quiet it speaks When you speak it is quiet. see you soon, and often Happy New Year

  2. You must have learned a lot in all of your years of observation, and I'm glad you feel inspired to share some of your wisdom. I'm looking forward to reading more!

  3. I was going to send you an e-mail but no contact listed. I'm just curious as to how you came across my blog. I don't know you, do I? What interests you most about my blog (what keeps you reading)? I created it more for my friends and family to read and to keep up with my life (maybe even get to know me better), but I find that my life isn't very exciting! lol At least not on a day-to-day basis.
    I'm also wondering what your profession is? You seem like a scientist (at the very least interested in science) or something similar -nurse?, but you have listed security as your "industry".

  4. I replied to your comments.